Building Wealth – Who Is In Charge?

Building Wealth – Who Is In Charge?

building wealthAre you planning on building wealth in your life?  Who isn’t? Right?  The reality is almost everyone dreams of more; more wealth, more abundance, more freedom, just more of everything.  The first and most fundamental question is, “Who is responsible for your financial life”?  The answer is quite simple, You are!  And here is the tough love part.  If you don’t believe and accept 100% responsibility for your financial present and future, you are in deep doodoo.  Buiding wealth requires 100% responsibility.

In his incredible book, “Secrets Of The Millionaire MindT. Harv Eker tells us that rich people think very different than poor people. The first wealth principle, according to Eker is Rich people believe “I create my life” Poor people believe “Life happens to me”.  Ask any poor person and they will tell you all the reasons they don’t have money.

“I don’t get paid what I am worth at work”.  “The wife spends too much”.  “The kids are in school”.  “I (we) needed a bigger house, car, boat etc.”  They never tell you they are in charge and it is their fault.  But they are!  Are you in debt?  Who was standing at the cash register with the credit card in hand every time a purchase was made?  Huh?  Was it you?

The first step to building wealth, financial freedom, and independence is taking 100% responsibility for you and your financial future.  Your wife didn’t do it, your boss didn’t do it. Your mother, father, aunt or uncle aren’t responsible.  It’s not your business, your upline, the economy, your downline, your kids grandkids or a plethora of other excuse.  It’s you! Period!

[mlsp-cta campaign=”rareprofitsystem” layout=”standard” align=”left”]The best place to begin is to take an inventory of your spending and begin to analyze patterns and problems.  Make a list, carry a notebook and write down every little penny you spend for a month.  Get a detailed look at your spending habits and patterns.  You can’ change what you don’t understand so understanding your spending patterns is an essential first step in the process of getting control.

But here’s the kicker.  Unless and until you accept and internalize and believe you are 100% responsible, you will not succeed at building wealth.  Napoleon Hill in his famous book, “Think and Grow Rich” reminds us that each of us is “The master of our fate, The captain of our soul”.  He also reminds us that the universal intelligence brings to us that which we focus our energy and intention on.  Before we can accumulate riches, we must “magnetize our minds with an intense desire,…become money conscious and…create definite plans for acquiring it”.

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  1. Good post-Len on a very serious subject! We have to take stock of your life and that includes your financial health.

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