Create Your Own Banner Ad With Ease

Create Your Own Banner Ad With Ease

create your own bannerMany times when creating a blog post or a website you want to create your own banner to include in the side bar or perhaps in the blog post itself.  The picture to the left is one such example. Here I am creating a banner ad that links to an external website. Inside a blog post, such as this one, it is quite simple.

Step 1: Upload an image.  In this step we are simply uploading any image we wish to to use in our ad.

Step 2:  Edit the image and in the “link to” field select custom URL and simply enter the URL that you want the person to be taken to when they click on the image.

Step 3 : under advanced options, click on “open link in a new tab”  This insures when your customer clicks on the picture, a new tab opens and he/she does not lose their way back to your website.

That’s all there is to it folks.  The video included here gives a detailed demonstration for how to do this and insert it into a side bar.  This has a few extra steps but is still quite simple to do.

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