Selected Topics available for me to speak on

  • Single Fathering, raising your rugrats with an absentee mother
  • A baby boomers survival guide
  • Creating your on-line presence – the basics of social media marketing
  • Home Based Business – Fund Your Plan B
  • The best home based business for you
  • The next great trillion dollar industry and how you can profit
  • Marketing 101 – How to build any business any time
  • The Law of Attraction – A new twist on an old topic
  • How to Attract anything you want with ease
  • Who Are We – the deep truth of our origin
  • CANI – A formula for success
  • The Quantum Universe for beginners
  • 12 Steps to Success, Build the business of your dreams
  • What is Attraction Marketing – The basics of online success
  • You can do it – I Can help
  • The Road to Prosperity – Feel You Way To Success
  • How to write and publish Your 1st Book
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