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what is success“What is success” is an interesting question. The other day I made a post on Facebook and I asked, “What is the secret to success”.  I had many answers.  Most people tried to define success so they were answering a different question.

Earl Nightingale defines success as the pursuit of a worthwhile goal.  Trouble is most people in our society don’t have a goal.  They drift endlessly in the currents of life from TV program to TV program.

5+ Hours of TV Per Day

Did you know the average person watches over 5 hours of TV per day.  Worse than that, when one folds in use of all electronic devices, the average spent is more than 10 hours per day.  That’s over 3500 Hrs per year.  It has been said it takes 10,000 to become an expert in anything.  So think about this: if the average person turns off the TV and puts down the cell phone, they can become an expert in anything in 3 years.  Imagine if we all used that time to learn a new skill.  Heck I could learn brain surgery or rocket science in a year or two.  So what is success?  It is moving toward a worthwhile goal.

Why is it that so many people choose to spend so much time pursuing  non-meaningful activities.  It is, in my opinion, because they don’t believe they can succeed.  They lack belief in themselves.

It really doesn’t matter what the goal is.  It could be to become the president or to run the corner gas station.  What matters is the ambition, the drive, the motivation to have, do, or be something other than a couch potato.

But that wasn’t the question.  The questions was, “What is the secret to success” and the answer, according to Earl Nightingale is, “We become what we think about”.  So what do you spend your time thinking about?  Is it the next episode of dancing with the stars?  Well then maybe you aren’t going too far.

But if you spend your time thinking about achieving a worthwhile goal, and taking action as required, well maybe, just maybe you are on your way to greatness.

How about a home based business?  You can learn to succeed pretty quickly if you only spend a couple hours a day at it.  You might say, “I hear only the people at the top make money”.  Sure but you know what?  They got to the top by starting at the bottom and working hard.  So can you!

You know we all have it in us (greatness). We just have to extract it.  Think about that!


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  1. To some people they enjoy the TV and have specific shows they watch and as long as it does not interfere with the goals you have set. T.V. in itself is not bad so I do not agree with you on that point.

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