Lunch with the Creator of Twitter Lead Machine

Lunch With Len, Laura and Marc LaLonde

twitter lead machineWant to meet the creator of Twitter Lead Machine? Ever dream of having lunch with a genius who has created almost miraculous results and is willing to share how you can too.  Well that’s what happened today.  We had Marc LaLonde  aka The Wealthy Trainer as a guest on Lunch with Len and Laura and wow! Did he deliver the goods.  Let me share a few nuggets of wisdom from Marc.

A Brief Background

Marc worked for many years as a computer consultant and in that position made a very lucrative income, one that would make post people jealous.  But Marc wasn’t happy!  He is not a good employee.  He doesn’t like to have to ask permission to take a break, go potty, or go on vacation so he found the online world and fired his boss.  In just a few short years he has advanced to where he pays more income tax today than he made in his best computer employee year as total salary.  Want to know how?  Read on1

Marc’s tips for success

  • Mindset

At the pinnacle of the success pyramid is mindset.  If your mind isn’t in the right place you will not do the things needed to achieve success. Marc recommends reading a book a week in your niche.

  • Mentors

Mentorship is a must.  We all need mentors.  Marc implements something that napoleon Hill taught in his great book, “Think and Go Rich”.  Marc has virtual mentors.  Napoleon Hill discussed meeting with his advisors nightly, only Napoleon Hill’s advisors were not physically present.  I have also suggested this strategy.

Imagine meeting with your trusted advisors and asking them what you should do and gather their advice.  Trust your intuition to provide the clues.  Gather the data, analyze and assimilate it and proceed to victory.

Marc states that all of his mentors are virtual.  Personally I believe this is an extremely powerful strategy.

  • Content

We all have heard that content is king.  Now here is the piece of advice that many will struggle with.  YOU MUST CREATE 2 TO 3 YEARS OF CONTENT CONTINUOUSLY EVERY DAY BEFORE THE BENEFIT TRULY KICKS IN.  That’s right! it takes 2 to 3 years to build a sustainable, reliable following.  This is not a get rich quick scheme but it is a build real wealth scheme.

  • Repurpose that Content

Every piece of content is like a good soldier but it is only good to the extent that it can participate in multiple battles simultaneously.  For example, if you write a bog post (such as this one) put it on Twitter and Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.  YouTube and distribute it widely.  Make each piece of content serve in multiple fronts and gather multiple exposures and leads

Why Twitter

Twitter provides a platform and capability that simply does not exist anywhere else.  With Twitter it is possible to have new eyeballs seeing your content daily.  Content can easily be recycled automatically so that people experience multiple exposures.  People do not react on one exposure.  It takes a minimum of 5 to 7 exposures (sometimes more) before people take action.

No other platform provides a way to do this simple and inexpensively like Twitter.  Now some might argue that Facebook ads provided this capability and that is true.  But, it is paid advertising, not so on Twitter

Want More

I have imbedded the ink to the reply video of this remarkable “Lunch with Len and Laura” so that you can see for yourself the genius that is Marc LaLonde.  Thank you Marc!

Twitter Lead machine

Take Twitter for a spin.  It’s on us.  Here is the link to Twitter Lead machine.  There is a free version but I am sure you will want to upgrade to the paid version as soon as you understand the power in this tool and what it can do for you

You can check out Twitter Lead machine by clicking the this link.  I will personally assist you to set up your system

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