The Secret To Living – Tony Robbins

The Secret To Living –  Tony Robbins

the secret to livingDo you ever wonder, “What is the secret to living” in business or romance or in life in general?  According to Tony Robbins, the secret to living is giving.  Tony tells a story about how he gave away the last money he had in his pocket with no expectation of a return.  He was now officially “broke”.  He had no money for food.  Yet that very same day he received a check in the mail from someone who owed him money for a long time and had not repaid the debt.

Co-incidence?  Maybe?  But in her book, “The Dynamic Laws of ProsperityCatherine Ponder also talks about the fact that nature abhors a vacuum and will rush to fill a hole when one is created.  So for example, giving away your last dime creates a vacuum and causes nature to rush in to fill the emptiness.

The Secret to Living – Help Others

A famous Zig ZIglar quote tells us ,”You can get everything you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want”,  How do you do that?  You give.  You give of yourself, you give help, you give value, you give guidance, you give whatever it takes to succeed.  But you must give freely, no strings attached.

So let’s circle back to the beginning.  How do you get more business?  You give value, you provide leadership, you give of yourself.  The more value you out into the marketplace, the more you will receive in return.  But sometimes not right away.  The law of reaping and sowing tells us that reaping is not in the same season as the sowing.  First we plant the seeds.  Then we wait.  Then the universe delivers the crop.

[mlsp-cta campaign=”weeklymarketingwebinarsorg” layout=”standard” align=”left”]How do you get more romance?  You give romance, you give love, but again, it must be given freely with no expectation of return. Sometimes the person you give it to does not return it, but the return does come, only now from a different and perhaps unexpected source.

The secret to making this all work out perfectly is to live in an attitude of abundance and to believe the universe will supply what you desire.  Living in scarcity causes more scarcity to appear.  Living in abundance creates more abundance.  So the secret to living is giving!

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6 thoughts on “The Secret To Living – Tony Robbins”

  1. God promised if you give you will receive. Giving value is giving to the people that need it the most. They will find you if you are putting it out there. Completing something that gives value makes you feel proud inside and you know that it will help someone looking.

  2. Roxann Roeder

    I love this “live in an attitude of abundance and to believe the universe will supply what you desire.”

    This is so true…you just have to believe.

    Thanks for sharing your awesome post!

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