The Fundamental Qualities Of A Good Leader

Some Fundamental Qualities of a Good Leader

qualities of a good leaderBuilding a successful network marketing organization requires many skills.  Of fundamental importance is a person with the qualities of a good leader.  While network marketing itself is a simple business, it is not an easy business.  It takes multiple skills especially on the part of a  leader to build a business that is self sustaining and duplicable .  Many have written about qualities of a good leader such as integrity, honesty, and influence, I believe these derive from a more fundamental set of skills.  Much of this is mindset but if followed, the higher level qualities of integrity for example, will be a natural consequence.

So here is my list of the most important qualities of a good leader

Leaders Take 100% Responsibility

Leaders take 100% responsibility for their actions and the results.  They understand that blame and criticism are demoralizing and produce no useful outcome.  The old adage the buck stops here is prominent in their thinking.  They understand that in all aspects of life 99% responsible is not good enough, only 100% works

Leaders lead By Example

They understand talk is cheap, action speaks louder than words.  If you want your team to be making phone calls then you better be making phone calls.  As the leader you must set the stage for the team to follow.  This is not a dress rehearsal.  Do what you expect your team to do.

Leaders Give Credit and Praise Frequently in public

Leaders give credit, praise and accolades freely and frequently and in public.  People yearn for recognition and leaders understand that and strive to pump up their team.  As Diane Hochman says, be a human backhoe and lift someone up.  Praise and recognition go a long way toward helping an individual rise to his or her greatness.  Conversely…shame and criticism assure discouragement and ultimately failure.

Leaders Criticize Infrequently and in private

Leaders criticize infrequently and in private and carefully so as to correct the unwanted behavior and not put down the person.  They focus in the unwanted behavior and not the person.  As a parent a prime example is “Johnny I do not like what you just did” as opposed to “Johnny you are a brat”.  Leaders also know how to “sandwich” criticism between a couple positives.  Start with what you like about the persons performance or behavior, then insert the desired correction and finish with another positive.

Leaders Are Visionaries

Leaders see the future before anyone else and they believe in the destiny.  They seek out and establish goals for themselves and their team.  They understand the need for flexibility in execution and are willing to change course when something isn’t working, and  try something new and move on.  Leaders establish goals for themselves and their team and are unwavering in their commitment to the desired outcome

Leaders focus on the Goal

Pinnacle Leaders are not so concerned with the “how” as they are with the “what and why”  On May 25, 1961, President John F. Kennedy announced before a special joint session of Congress the dramatic and ambitious goal of sending an American safely to the Moon before the end of the decade.  JFK understood the significance of putting a man on the moon and what it would do for the nation.  He left the “how” to the engineers and scientists.  I am certain he was privately and publically ridiculed for such an outlandish decision but somehow it came to pass, and took less time than he gave it.

Leaders are Positive

Leaders are positive, uplifting and motivational.  They encourage, gently nudge and I believe great leaders continuously hold out the carrot and not the whip.  They lead with vision and They do not push with punishment.

Leaders are Persistent

Leaders do whatever it takes to get the job done. Sometimes at great personal sacrifice.  Look at the lives of Nelson Mandela or Martin Luther King Jr in his famous “I have a dream speech“.  These are visionaries who accomplished a lot but at great loss personally.  While I do not recommend dying for your network marketing company, building a functioning team will take substantial sacrifice in the beginning, so be prepared for it.

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