The Four Agreements – A Book Review

The Four Agreements – A book review

four agreementsI finished reading The Four Agreements a book by Don Miguel Ruiz.  Don is descended from the Toltec, an ancient civilization that flourished thousands of years ago.  The teachings were passed through the years by masters called Naguals.  Don is a Nagual from the East Knight Lineage and has devoted his life to sharing the wisdom of the ancient Toltec. The book, “The Four Agreements” spent over 7 years on the New York Times best seller list.  Indeed Don has much to offer our “modern” civilization from these ancient teachings.

Always Be Impeccable With Your Words

The first agreement is, “Be Impeccable with your words”  Words have the power to create and destroy.  They hold the power of God.  Even the Bible says “In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God and the word was God”

With words we can make someone happy or sad, we can beckon the universe to lead us to bounty and prosperity or keep us in poverty and misery.

Words can manifest world wars.  Hitler stirred an entire population of very intelligent people to commit horrific acts of atrocity and plunge the entire world into war.  He did it with words.

Mahatma Gandhi lead a peace movement with words.  From Gandhi, “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony”

With words, we lift people up or put them down.  We make people happy or make them sad.  We honor Good or we honor evil.  How will you use your words today?

Don’t Take Anything Personally

Agreement number two is, “Don’t take anything personally”  Don states, “People lie all the time”  Now they may not mean to but they are lying to themselves.  If someone treats you poorly or with disrespect, it is because they do not feel good about themselves.  Best strategy is simply walk away.

This requires you to feel good enough about yourself to deflect the criticism or negative behavior

So for example, someone days, “You are stupid” what that really means is they have such a poor self- image that they feel the need to make themselves feel superior by denigrating another human being, in this case, you.  They are the one suffering stupidity, not you.  again walk away.

Know that you are enough, you are an extension of God, you are all that you need, you are perfect just the way you are.  God is love and so are you.  You do yourself a disservice by permitting anyone else to treat you with anything other than love and respect.  Remember it’s not personal.

Don’t Make Assumptions

The problem with assumptions is we believe them.  We assume others see us as we see ourselves and that makes us feel uncomfortable, inferior and causes our fears to surface.  Don Miguel encourages us to find the strength to ask questions and validate what others think and feel so we may be equipped with knowledge rather than false conclusions based on lack of data, in other words, assumptions.  Clear communication with others is essential to our happiness.

[mlsp-cta campaign=”bizbuildermasterynet” layout=”standard” align=”left”]Always Do You Best

The fourth and final agreement is “Always do you best”.  If we do our best, then we have nothing to regret or to feel bad about.

Don Miguel advises us that if we do our best we cannot judge ourselves and will have nothing to feel bad about.  When we are doing our best for the pleasure of it, we are taking action because we enjoy it. Action is living fully.  Inaction (sitting in front of the television for years) is a manifestation of fear of living fully.

So in summary the four agreements are:

  1. Be impeccable with your words
  2. Never take anything personally
  3. Never make assumptions
  4. Always do your best

Can you imagine what the world would be like if everyone lived by these “agreements”? Wow! Heaven on earth!

I found this little book to be fascinating, a veritable treasure chest of wisdom handed down through the ages from an ancient culture, The Toltec:  A very good book indeed.

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3 thoughts on “The Four Agreements – A Book Review”

  1. A friend recommended I read this 2 years ago. I started but didn’t finish.

    I’m going to put this one on the playlist as I have the audiobook because I definitely am weak on 3 ofl 4 of these points.

    Thanks Len. Appreciate the post.

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