Snapchat Stories – Good For Your Business?

Snapchat Stories– Good For Your Business?

snapchat storiesSnapchat has recently added snapchat stories and that makes it very compelling for your business.  “If you’re running a business in 2016, you need to be thinking about Snapchat as a channel to grow your customer base. Period” from Gary Vaynerchuk.  Why is that?  Is Snapchat just the next new fad that will grow and die like so many others? No! Certainly not with the addition of snapchat stories.

Let’s start with the fact that Facebook tried to buy Snapchat for 3 Billion dollars in 2013.  Today it is valued at 16 B$ and growing.  There are currently 8 billion video views every day and growing rapidly.

What makes Snapchat so popular and so compelling?  First over 60% of the US population in the age range 13-34 have this free application on their Smartphone and there are 100 million daily users.  But here is the kicker.  Snapchat solves the most important problem marketers face: getting the attention of the customer.  In a noisy world where many things compete for a customer’s attention, such as on a newsfeed, Snapchat comes to the rescue.

With Snapchat people have to actually click on your snap or story before they see it and if it is a snap, they can only see it once (at most twice) then it is gone forever.  At first this may sound bad, but it forces the attention of the viewer as they know two things.  One, the Snap is short, maybe only 10 seconds, and two, it is gone forever once viewed.  (In certain cases it can be viewed twice)

Snapchat Stories – A Recent Addition

Snap has recently introduced stories which is what makes it a really powerful tool for business.  The snapchat stories have some unique qualities but they are also gone, only in this case 24 hours so better watch it now if you want to grab the content.

The Snapchat audience is highly engaged and this platform gives you an opportunity to communicate with them in a very personal way.

My friend, Aaron Parker did a training last week on Snapchat and that training is available to you for free.  Just click below to grab it for yourself.

Grab Your Free Snapchat Training Here.  This training includes a 93 minute Snapchat tutorial and a downloadable PDF Cheat Sheet.

In addition, on Wednesday evening this week, a second Snapchat training webinar is available.  This will focus on building your audience and growing your business with Snapchat.  You really want to be there if you are interested in learning what’s working today to build your business.

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  1. I know Gary Vee has invested his money in Snap Chat and has been pushing it for awhile. I really have no interest in it at this point. Aron made some compelling reasons last week and I will listen to what he has to say this week. After all I am open minded lol.

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