Prospecting with Posture – The Teachings of Lisa Kitter

Prospecting with Posture – The Teachings of Lisa Kitter

Prospecting with PostureWhat is Posture?

Prospecting with posture is not the same as being a jerk or being rude, or insulting people. It is having self-confidence.  It is knowing who you are and where you are going.  It is knowing that you are unstoppable!

From Google: posture is a particular way of dealing with or considering something; an approach or attitude. 

For our purposes, prospecting with posture is having a conviction or belief in yourself and living with the attitude of being a leader.  You live by the philosophy of “lead follow or get out of the way” and implement it into your daily life.

You are the leader that these people are looking for.  People are hungry for leadership.

Prospecting with posture means you know where you are going, you have a plan to get there, you will get there and there is no doubt you will succeed.  It is having that conviction and positive attitude.

Remember, when you are prospecting with posture that you are in the deal.  You are going to be making that 6 figure income whether or not this prospect joins today.  As my friend Diane Hochman says, “ I have the cookie”  You have that great big gooey, scrumptious, warm, delicious chocolate chip cookie and everyone  knows that a warm chocolate chip cookie is good.  You have the cookie.  Your prospect wants the cookie.  They might not know it but, they want it.  Too bad because we are not in the convincing business.  They lose

Most people are flopping around in life with no direction so, your mission is to provide that direction for them.  Their biggest struggle is finding what channel “Dancing with the Stars is on”  Remember the average American watches five hour of TV every day.

So really prospecting with posture is simple, I know where I am going and I am offering you the chance to go there with me.  It’s ok if you don’t see the vision that I see or if you feel it isn’t for you. We have all heard the saying that “no” means, “next one” or frequently means “not now”.

A great strategy is to have more than a few people to talk to.  The more people you have in your cue, the less likely you are to feel panic if someone says “No” to your opportunity.

Prospecting with posture becomes easier when you have a lot of people to talk to….

Timing is also an issue

Remember when someone tells you “No” it often means “not now”.  It means they are distracted, busy, or  have other issues of higher importance going on in their life and are not ready for you.  Many times people who are not ready now will call back later.  So treat them with respect now, honor their decision now and move on now!

It’s often said that the fortune is in the follow up.  We’ll come back to that later but first let’s look at the 7 key points of prospecting with posture.

 1.0 Have a deep conviction and belief in yourself.

Have goals, both short term and long term goals.  Why are you an entrepreneur?  What is going to motivate you to get out of bed.

Understand and believe that the potential here is incredible.  You can have anything you want.  Where or how else can you start your own business for as little as a couple hundred dollars with all the training and support that we have and still have the possibility of making 6 figures or more in a few years?

Make your goals big and write them down… It has been shown that written goals are far likelier to be met than wishy washy, I know what they are, in my head goals.  You must write your goals down and once again, make them big.

Big is relative.  Maybe for Donald Trump making an extra billion by Christmas might be a reasonable goal.  For most of us mere mortals, that would be a stretch. So goals need not to be so big as to be outlandish so, for example, if you are sitting here broke today maybe becoming a billionaire by Christmas is a tad much., but setting a goal to earn an extra $10,000 by Christmas might be reasonable

You need to be emotionally attached to your goals.  Perhaps consider a dream board or, in my case for example, I have created a mind movie for myself.  If you don’t know what that is, a Mind Movie is a video that is your visioin of your future life.  You can make your own Mind Movie and get several free powerful examples by clicking here

This is not an exercise in goal setting but goals need to be measurable, achievable, believable but stretchable.  What I mean by that is, if your goals don’t stretch you and, frighten you a little, maybe you need to rethink them?  One exercise you might consider is to imagine you are near life’s end and are looking back on the movie of your life.  What do you see?  What have you accomplished?  Now go for it!

But I digress, let’s get back to prospecting with posture!

2.0 Your attitude is everything

So here is the most fundamental question, “Would you want to partner with you?”

Don’t be a wet noodle! Don’t whine, “I had 20 no’s today and I don’t know what to do!”  Awesome.  You are on your way!  If you had 20 no’s today that is friggin awesome.  Go get 20 more tomorrow.  Better yet,  do a little role playing, practice, ask someone to critique you, get in front of a mirror, play with your self (no not like that) practice and you will get better.

Many of you probably know Ray Higdon.  When Ray was in personal foreclosure, his goal was 20 no’s per day.  If you haven’t read the book, “ Go for No! : Yes Is the Destination, No Is How You Get There” by Andrea Waltz and Richard Fenton,  I highly recommend it.

You have to give energy to people and lift them up.  Remember most people stay in their comfort zone but, they are looking for a leader to show them the way.  Now, they may be afraid to follow but, that’s not your problem.

You believe in you, you believe in your product or service and you believe in the system so have the confidence that it will all work for you.

Once again you have the chocolate chip cookie and everyone wants a chocolate chip cookie.  You must believe that.

You must absolutely believe that you have something that is going to help people and you msut approach it from a service mentality.

How do you develop this so called “belief in yourself”   It is often said that network marketing is a personal development program with a product and a paycheck attached.  Personal development is vital to your success

  • Read 10 pages minimum of a good book everyday
  • Turn your car into a drive time university
  • Hang around positive successful people
  • Be a product of the product
  • Attend events
  • Learn results stories

Repeat after me “I am the leader people are looking for” at least 30 times every day

Yeah, yeah, yeah I’ve heard all this before!  Really? Do your results reflect a knowing or just a hearing?  Often we have heard something many times but we have not yet assimilated it into our daily lives and made it an integral part of ourselves.  This goes back to mindset.  The conscious mind may have heard it but, something deep inside is putting on the brakes and holding you back.  You may want to consider my Ultimate Vision Workshop.

3.0 Be Prepared

Have a script, don’t read the script but have one and practice it.  Practice in front of a mirror. Try  role plaing with a friend or a mentor or your upline.  Practice prospecting with posture with a colleague.

Don’t get caught in get-ready-itis mode, your desk is organized and you don’t need another course or more files and another book to read or a YouTube video to watch.

Just get out there and do it but. know what you are going to say.

Have a workspace and keep it organized so you can find your stuff.  When getting ready to prospect with posture, remember to breathe and if necessary, jump around a little to get some blood flowing.  This is especially important if you are nervous.  If you are feeling some anxiety, that will restrict blood flow and cause a lack of oxygen to the brain which then causes more anxiety, so breathe! 

And ladies, wear your high heels haha (a tip from Lisa) but seriously, dress for success.  You might be at home but lounging around in your underwearis not prospecting with posture.  Have an attitude and dress for occasion.

4.0 Conduct an interview

You are a busy and successful business owner.  The person you are talking to is lucky that you are taking the time to share this amazing opportunity with them.  You know where you are going.  You have the cookie, remember everyone wants the cookie

You are looking for people who qualify for your time, don’t be arrogant or hostile but, be positive and if necessary, assertive.  Place value on yourself and your time.  It is a game of attitude and you are in control.

Talk a little faster and a little louder than normal.   Stand up and smile,  people can “see” you smile over the phone

If you are a lady, In the course Lisas has some excellent tips on dealing with ego men…

Use a takeaway selectively and as appropriate,  “Well Bob it sure doesn’t seem like this is a fit for you”

Remember you have the advantage. Even if you have only been doing this for a short time, you have been doing it longer than your prospect.  But do have stories.  Facts tell stories sell!  We have a friend who lost 45 pounds in 6 months using our shakes  and other products etc.

A final thought here is this is the game of your life so get good at it.  Practice, practice, practice!

So to summarize this step:

  • Be sure to Interview
  • Separate the curious from the serious
  • Do not beg or chase, use the “take away” like a precision surgical tool
  • You are busy and successful
  • Stand up, smile and talk faster and louder than usual
  • Lead

Remember, people like to buy, they just hate to be sold and they hate losing out.

 5.0 Do not get emotionally attached to the outcome

Within 30 to 45 seconds you should be able to tell if this person is a viable candidate or not

Some repoire building is necessary but be careful about carrying it to an extreme and falling into the friend zone.  Especially on social media, and especially on Facebook, it is a trap to fall into to build repoire forever and never get down to the business.

You will ultimately end up making friends with some, if not all, of the people who join you but,  that is not the primary objective.

Focus on results not excuses.

How many people do I have to talk to?  Well what is the result you want?  Talk to however many as it takes to get the result.  In the beginning your numbers will be outside the industry averages but in time as you get better your numbers will improve.

Qualify people for your time and their desire but not for dollars.

Practice + patience + Persistence = Perfection

Practice on each other

Get your prospect talking and listen.  Take notes and write down what they say word for word.  You will have some gold nuggets to use later to close them.  Ask them to clarify what they mean.  For example, if they say they want more money ask them, “What’s important about  more money to you”. Notice the phrasing what about______is  important to you!  (don’t ask “why” that is challenging them and may put them in the defensive)

Most people are anxious to talk about themselves because they don’t have anyone who listens to them  in their life

And for you finally:

  • Decide to be teachable
  • Work the numbers
  • Follow the system

And remember you get paid whether they say yes or no – think about that!  How is that Len?   Let me tell you.

As an example let’s say you have to talk to 10 people to sign one person up with a $499 pak.  and you make $100.

You made $10 off of every person you talked to

Now let’s introduce another concept, the lifetime value of a customer.  So you talk to 10, sign up 1 and that person gets on autoship and stays with you for life. How much is that worth?

Remember this is not a lottery so have patience and be persistent

 6.0 Make them be Responsible

Remember we are not begging, convincing  or chasing.  A person convinced against their will is of the same opinion still!

Be willing and ready to let them go.  For example, “So Bob I am getting the impression that you are not serious.”

Always ask for the next commitment.  When can you watch the video?  When can you…. and get a commitment. And set the follow up schedule.  Always be scheduling the next exposure whatever it is in your funnel.

But you must follow up also.  Be professional.  Set a follow up appointment and KEEP IT.  We have probably all been guilty at some time of forgetting a call or missing an appointment.

Use a calendar such as google calendar.

Use a CRM (Customer Resource Manager)

Please, no yellow sticky notes all over the computer screen lol.  That might be a hoot and a holler but it is not a CRM or a system to foller.

People will watch what you do and remember, you are potentially training a future team member so be sure to show them what you expect them to do in the future when they are part of your team.  In network marketing the most fundamental  thing you need is duplication so keep it simple from the start.

7.0 Ask

Remember the old saying, “Ask and thou shall Receive”.  If you don’t ask for the order you will not get the order.

My favorite question is , “So Sally, based on what we have discussed and you told me, it sounds like you are ready to get started making that extra money today”!

OK one of two things is going to happen.  Either Sally is going to say, “ why yes I am! “ in which case you say great.  Fire up your computer and let’s do this thing.

Personally I always want to walk them through the sign up process.  Do not leave them to fuddle through it on their own.

The other possible outcome is Sally says, “No!”  and gives you a reason.  Now we are not going to go in depth to exception handling, but I will give you just a couple ideas.

Money:  I always start with the most expensive option.  If they say I don’t have the money for that I ask how much they do have?  So maybe they have a couple hundred in the bank.  Great we can back down to the less expoensive option or we can schedule when thay can have the money available.

I need to speak to my wife (husband):  I probably didn’t mention this before because we  didn’t do scripts tonight but you should already know if there is a significant other who will be part of the decision and have already involved them.

I don’t have time: Point out that the average person watches five hours of TV every day in these United States.  We have had people build a successful business from their car with a cell phone on their lunch hour so..

I need to think about it: That usually means they are really not serious! However, I might ask, “What other questions do you have that I can help you with?” and depending on the response, here comes the takeaway.  Well Bob, it seems you are not as serious as you suggested you were so I tell you what, you have my contact information.  I have a lot of people to get back to so listen, you give me a call when you are ready.’

If they say “no”, a great strategy is to ask them if they mind if you check back in with them in a few  months and see how they are doing? Then do it!   Once again a good CRM will help with this scheduling.

Some Closing Thoughts From Prospecting With  Posture

Lisa says, “If they say, “No” to me, they are losing sleep tonight wandering what they just missed out on.”

Many times people ask “What do you say if…”  Say what’s on your mind (well, within reason haha) Be polite, but be firm and be in control.  just be open, honest, tell the truth, and posture up.  If they say “no”, they lose and remember, your made money anyhow. Next!,

If you would like to learn more of Lisa’s teachings, I strongly suggest you go to her website and check it out.  One of the courses back there is “Prospecting wIth Posture”, a compete audio series in 4 parts that was recorded in front of a live audience.  Lisa will amaze you with her insight, wisdom and tenacity and I know this course will make you a better prospector and hence,

Prospecting With Posture it will make you money!

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