MLSP New Features – New Benefits For Network Marketers

MLSP New Features –

New Benefits For Network Marketers

MLSPMy Lead System Pro, or MLSP for short, is the most powerful, robust and complete marketing and training platform available on the market today.  Designed by network marketers for network marketers, the platform continues to evolve.   This week (Feb 10, 2016), several extremely powerful new features were added and this blog post will review those features for you.

By the way, MLSP isn’t just for network marketers.  Any business, whether on line or off line, virtual or brick and mortar, can benefit from MLSP’s vast array of features and benefits.  From over 50 prebuilt for you products and services, a comprehensive state-of-the-art Customer Resource Manager (CRM), the  most powerful capture page, sales page  and funnel builder on the planet (Funnelizer) to training in every marketing strategy imaginable, MLSP has it all for you.

If you are new to MLSP or need a review of what it does, you can see my companion post, “MLSP Review – Can It help My Home Business

Here are the new features in MLSP:

  1. A new proprietary wordpress plug-in (MLSP SITES users ONLY can access this) that will allow you to pull beautiful offers easily into YOUR blog with zero tech-skills required. These offers can be to done-for-you funnels that give away amazing free training so you can build your list, OR they can be completely custom to give away YOUR offers and sell YOUR stuff.
  2. Dynamic Keyword Replacement is now a feature of MLSP Funnelizer.  This provides a method to get unbelievably LASER-TARGETED and SPECIFIC with all of your capture pages & sales pages, and dramatically increase your conversions by a factor of 10 or more! ‘Dynamic keyword replacement,’  will allow you to pierce your visitor straight through the heart, stop them dead in their tracks, and make them want to give you their e-mail address like never before.
  3. New tracking features make it easy peasy to track EVERYTHING and ALL of your marketing so you can see which ads, offers, and sales funnels are the most profitable for your business. These unique tracking features could be the difference between you going broke, or you going full time in YOUR business this year. Tracking your marketing is ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL if you want to be in business long-term, and we got you covered.
  4. The last features introduced this week will allow you to HOST YOUR OWN DOMAIN with FUNNELIZER! That means that every single capture page, sales page, offer, and funnel you create is now 100% branded to YOU using YOUR own domain.

On my twice weekly free marketing and training webinar “Lunch With Len” I provided a detailed training on these features.  You can view that trainnig in the video below.

MLSP has tons of value for you to offer your customers for your business.  It has free video training, weekly webinars, free cheat sheets and giveaways all yours and all for the taking if you are a member.  Many of these free giveaway products and services have been produced by the top marketers in the industry.  Six, seven and even eight figure earners have contributed to the arsenal of free weapons you have at your disposal.

[mlsp-cta campaign=”bizbuildermasterynet” layout=”standard” align=”left”]If you are building a business on line, you need MLSP: Pure and simple!  You can test drive MLSP for a measly 10 bucks (10USD) and if you aren’t totally blown away, we will even give you your $10.00 back.  I will personally assist you to set up your MLSP system and train you on all the features, services and benefits.  PS: The figure to the left is an example of Item 1 above, the new proprietary Word Press plug-in.

So what are you waiting for?  Jump in and give it spin today!

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  1. MLSP is state of the art! You can not get all of these features anywhere!!! If you are building a busy and I do not care what kind of business you are building you can not afford not to have MLSP in your arsenal!

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