It’s Nothing But A Sales Pitch

It’s Nothing But A Sales Pitch

sales pitchIn the Internet and network marketing space, many of our mentors, coaches and leaders put on webinars that end with a sales pitch.  This often times leads to complaints about the content, structure or intent of the webinar.  “It was nothing but a sales pitch” is a frequent complaint.  All he/she wanted to do was sell me something.  Well yeah!  Duh! That’s the way it works.

This may seem off topic but rich people think about money in a different way than poor people.  I will virtually guarantee that someone who complains about a webinar being a sales pitch is broke because they have a poor attitude about value exchanged for service and information.  They have a poor money blueprint and view money as a dirty topic to be avoided.

Our world is structured around trading money for goods and services and information, coaching, mentoring and teaching are a service that has value.

If you are in a business, any business, you are there to make money.  You cannot make money without sales and you cannot makes sales without a sales pitch of some sort.

So I have a suggestion, when you see a webinar that has a sales pitch at the end, look at the overall value and structure with an eye toward the awesome content that the presenter delivered.  Did he or she give massive value?  Did you get some new tips and tricks? Did you learn something?  Good, run with it, implement it, teach it, use it, get value from it, but don’t disparage it!

[mlsp-cta campaign=”sixfigurebizbuilder” layout=”standard” align=”left”]Understand that the presenter just gave you an hour, maybe more, that he or she could have used in other ways.  They could have spent that hour with their family, or working on their business, or at the gym or in a myriad of other ways.  But they gave it to you and the important message is THAT HOUR WAS FREE!  Plus there was the preparation time.  It takes me several hours usually to prepare for a one hour presentation, especially if there is a power point slide show involved.

So the presenter just gave you several hours of service for free.  Now they say, “If you want more information, if you want to dig deeper, if you want to work more closely with me, I have an opportunity for you”.  That my friends, is not a sales pitch but a legitimate offer for goods and services in exchange for money.  Heck, if you are not interested, or don’t have the time or money, just take the free stuff, say “Thank you, awesome job” and run.  But don’t complain: It was not just a sales pitch!

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5 thoughts on “It’s Nothing But A Sales Pitch”

  1. LOL very nice to meet Molly!

    On a serious note i hate sales pitches. I don’t go to majority of webinars any more because people just sell sell sell. its the reason i left empower network.

    I totally agree Len. Value is where its at. Most people want certain things without the willingness to work. That buying a few solo ad clicks is the way it should work. Not quite.

    Give great training. Build good sites. Provide honest reviews. Create great videos.

    Alot of wisdom in that little video Len. Thank you

  2. There are the ones that are just a sell-fest and not always do they give upfront value. But for the most part, there is tips and tricks you can use in your business for free and you are right, take the value and if you don’t want to buy then don’t but don’t complain!

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