Facebook Retargeting – Legally Stalk Your Customers

Facebook Retargeting – Legally Stalk Your Customers

Facebook retargeting is a very powerful way to stay in front of a potential customer or client.  Let’s review what Facebook retargeting is.

The other day I was searching for a particular lamp because I need to replace the shade.  I looked in Home Depot and Amazon.  Within minutes, I was seeing ads for this particular lamp on Facebook.  For days, they followed me around.  It even showed up in my e mail.  This is like, “Big brothers watching”. Creepy! How did they do that?

The reality is someone can visit your blog for example, and get distracted.  Maybe the dog barks or the phone rings and they exit, possibly interested but can’t find their way back.  It is said that sometimes an offer has to be put in front to a person up to 7 times before they make a “buy” decision.  How do you leagally and ethically follow someone around with your offer?

It is called Facebook retargeting and here is how it works.

The concept is quite simple.  Whenever a customer visits your website, for example, there is a piece of code, called a pixel, that reports that visit back to Facebook.  Facebook now has a record of everyone who visited your website and creates something call a custom audience.  You can now run ads to that custom audience.

The graphic below gives a picture of what that looks like.  This is a very simplified picture of Facebook retargeting, but you get the idea.  Once the visitor leaves your site, you can now run ads specifically targeting that visitor with items of potential interest.


Facebook Retargeting

A 3 pronged approach.

First you build an audience.  Facebook actually makes this step quite simple.  As I said, this can be all the people who visited your website in say the last six months.  Or you can be more specific, tracking those who visited a specific page.  You have complete control.

The next step is to boost posts and target your customer audience.  This builds the relationship and they get to know, like and trust you.

The final step is to put an ad in front of your target audience that is customized to exactly what they were looking for

[mlsp-cta campaign=”pixelandprofit” layout=”standard” align=”left”]When you create an ad, you select your custom audiences and retarget them with your offers and ads. They have already seen you and now you retarget them with another offer.

Create your first audience pixel now for all visitors to any of your sites and place that pixel on your site asap to start building your audience now and retarget and market to later.

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  1. Retargeting is awesome and I am glad that we have the ability to do this. All the big brands do it so it is wonderful that we can too. Thanks for the post!

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