Facebook PPC – Pour Fuel On Your Marketing Fire

Facebook PPC –Pour Fuel On Your Marketing Fire

Facebook PPC is a strategy that lets you accelerate your marketing efforts and pour fuel on the proverbial marketing fire.  Before we strategize Facebook PPC, let’s talk a little about Facebook n general.

As I have written in previous posts, Facebook is the largest of the social media platforms.  With over 20% of the world’s population (almost 1.6 billion active users) and 1 billion users every day, your customer is on Facebook somewhere.  I have written several blog posts about using Facebook to find followers and get free traffic or leads for your business.  These strategies are time consuming.  What if you want to go faster?

Facebook ppc, or Pay per click advertising is a way to expand your reach quickly and efficiently.  But before you spend your hard earned money on paid advertising there are a few things to consider.

Who is Your Avatar?

The first and most fundamental thing to consider is, who is your Avatar?  In other words who is your ideal customer.  With 1.6 billion people available, it is possible to spend a lot of ad money running ads that do not convert because you are targeting the wrong person.  It is imperative that you spend some time thinking about who exactly is your customer.

The better you narrow the field, and the more targeted you get, the better chance you have of converting ads and finding customers for you product or service.

Message to Market Match

The next vital step in the process is what we know as message to market match.  You must make sure there is congruency in your message.  You wouldn’t advertise ice cubes to Eskimos would you?  Message to market match simply means you really understand your customer’s pain and are offering a product or service that addresses that pain.  More importantly, your copy or words are clear and understandable so that your potential client understand the benefit of what you are offering.

The One Ad You Should Always Be Running





FaceBook PPC
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The single most important ad you should always be running is a Facebook “Likes” ad.  This type of ad encourages people to “like” your Fanpage and get to know you better.  Building up a Fanbase is tantamount to building an audience.  It is true you still don’t have their e mail but, using the 2nd type of ad, a boosted post, you have an easy peasy way to communicate with your fanbase and put offers in front of them.

The 2nd type of ad: a boosted post

Many people complain that they post on Facebook and their friends do not comment, like or share their posts.  What many do not realize is their friends never see their posts.  Facebook controls who sees what you post.  Only between 5% and 10% of your friends actually see a post on your personal profile and Facebook give your very little control over that.

However a post in your Fanpage is a different story.  If you “boost” your Fanpage post, it will be shown to more people.  Boost it enough and you can get it in front of all your fans.  This gives you a convenient, albeit paid, way to be sure more people see your important stuff.

The 3rd type of ad: clicks to your website:

The final important type of ad I will mention here today is “clicks to a website”.  If you have a blog you want to monetize, this is a type of ad that will help you to run traffic to your website or blog and thus get it in front of more people.

[mlsp-cta campaign=”bizbuildermasterynet” layout=”standard” align=”left”]Facebook is a veritable goldmine of possibilities, but like everything else, without the proper training, you can spin your wheels, spend a lot of money and get very poor results.  Training is essential.  One of the best training platforms in the world is MLSP or My Lead System Pro.  Inside MLSP is awesome Facebook training and here is just one example.

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