My Lead System Pro Sites – An Overview

My Lead System Pro Your First Blog In 3 Clicks With NO Prior Experience

Don’t believe me? Let me show you. My Lead System Pro, MLSP launched its newest innovation, MLSP Sites this week and what a trip it is. Literally, it takes 3 mouse clicks to create your blog site. The hardest part is deciding what to call it but, don’t worry, because you can always change the name later.

Your first task is to choose a log in name for your new blog. That’s pretty easy as the blog set-up software provided by My Lead System Pro recommends a name for you and, since only you will ever see it and, you never need to change it, why not just take the software’s recommendation?

The next task is to choose a sub domain name. (If you don’t understand what this means, it’s OK, again the software provided by My Lead System Pro makes a recommendation and once again, you never need to change it so just take the recommendation which in my case is my name, LenMooney.

Finally comes the hard part, choosing a name for your new blog. But the good news is, you can choose it today and change it tomorrow if you don’t like it so, in my case I simply choose “Len’sblog”. How original and cool is that?

That’s it. That’s all there is. Push “go” and your new blog is created, hosted and ready for you to install a customized header, picture and your first blog post. How cool is that. Your blog is up and running.
Now you might not think it looks pretty but that is the façade. The infrastructure is there so let’s go paint the rest of the picture

First My Lead SYstem Pro provides is an awesome 42 training videos for beginners, each one being bite sized or a couple minutes long so they are easily digestible. So if you are a real newbie, you can peruse the training library and experience the most thorough ancd detailed WordPress training I have ever seen in one place

Then there are 24 themes available to choose from so you can change the look and feel of your blog with a cople mouse clicks. Want a sidebar ono the left? No problem. On the right? Piece of cake, customize your header, upload images and videos easily.

Finally My Lead System Pro has provided over 45 installed plugins for you to choose from to customize your experience. Plug ins such as “Google Analytics, or Yoast SEO or Facebook integration at your fingertips.  And for the more advanced user, there are plenty of resources to create a masterpiece of your choosing and advanced training videos to support you.

All in all, a great user experience. My hats off to the team at My Lead System Pro (MLSP) for creating a truly phenomenal user interface and experience.

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