Do I Need A Blog?

Do I Need A Blog?

[mlsp-cta campaign=”ultimateblogbundle” layout=”standard” align=”left”]One of the most common questions asked by new marketers who aspire to online or internet marketing is “Do I Need A Blog?”  The most direct answer is, “No”!  But then you don’t need a house either. You can live in a tent in a field.  Now living in a tent in a field might seem easier and romantic to some, or maybe seem inconvenient and like hard word to others.  Either way, there are significant disadvantages to not having an address and a roof over your head.

It may seem hard to believe but your blog is really the same thing.  The analogy is exactly correct.  Your blog is your address on the internet.  It is your property.  It is where you “live” in cyberspace.  It defines you, your brand, your field of expertise, your passions, dreams, goals and aspirations.  It is where your customers come to visit you, to learn more about you.  It is your home.

No other media has the presence of your own blog.  You might say, “Well I can put videos on Youtube and have my own channel”.  True! And you should! But you don’t own your Youtube videos and Youtube can shut you down anytime they decide they don’t like your channel.  It has happened to some very good marketers.

Similarly all the other social media channels have wide discretion over your content.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc can all remove your content, shut down your account and make life miserable for you.

Not so your blog.  Your own the blog.  It is your content and no one can shut down your blog.

So again the easy answer is, “No, you do not need a blog”.  But, it is marketing suicide to not have one.  If you are serious about building a business, building a brand and making money on line, you need a blog.

Get A Free Blog With Ease!

[mlsp-cta campaign=”weeklymarketingwebinarsorg” layout=”standard” align=”left”]The easiest way to get your own blog up and running is through a marketing and training platform we call My Lead System Pro or MLSP.  Check out the free weekly training webinars.  Tonight MLSP’s free webinar is on the subject of blogging and is an unformatted Q & A

The MLSP blogging platform, known as MLSP Sites can help you establish a professional looking blog in realistically a few hours if you are really new, and a few minutes if you have some experience.  So tune into the free training tonight at 6:00 PM PDT and check it out for yourself.  You can thank me later.

PS if you sign up for MLSP under me, I will coach you and help you set up your blog for free!

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5 thoughts on “Do I Need A Blog?”

  1. You are correct if you are serious about marketing online you need a blog. Your own piece of real estate on the web with its own address!

  2. I think everyone should create a blog even if it’s not for money-making reasons. I have been using blogs to practice writing and test out different writing styles. It’s perfect for people who need a creative outlet. Not to mention the fact that blogs can be turned into highly successful businesses. I’m still getting my blog under control but it’s definitely something I’m going to stick with for a long time!

    1. Good for you and thanks for the comment. I agree. I love my blog. It provides a creative outlet for my ideas, not always congruent, but hey, they are mine!

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