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Social Media Mistakes and How To Improve

social media mistakesWhy do so many people make social media mistakes by the gadzillions? We all know social media is social, don’t we?  There are 1.6 billion active users on Facebook.  Do they come there to shop?  Are they looking for a business opportunity?  No!

People come to Facebook to be entertained, to socialize with their “friends” and to share their stuff.  They do not come to be bombarded with biz-opp ads.  So why do so many people keep spamming links all over their walls and in groups?

Look for example at the groups that exist to post ads. Why are you there?  You are posting your own ad about your business opportunity?  You are not there to read other ads, just to post your own.  Well so is everyone else.  Everyone is posting, no one is reading!

Everyone is posting about their business opportunity hoping to catch a sale or two?  Is anyone reading those ads?

Even if you did catch a sale or two is it a sustainable, duplicable business?  I think not.

The Big Social Media Mistakes People Make (and the solutions)

  1. Do not post your company name or business opportunity name or product name on your timeline or fan page.  All this does is lead people to “Google” your company and see what it is about.  You lose control (well you never had control to lose). You have the cookie and that cookie is your link.  Do not give your cookie away.

The solution is to post interesting content and to raise curiosity so people ask you what it is all about.  Then you get to actually speak with a prospect and you have control

2. Do not send an unsolicited link to your product or service in messenger.  Once again, this is spam and most people do not appreciate it.  The very few who look will, once again, simply “google” it and find out what it is about.  The important message is they will not talk to you so once again, you have no control

The solution is to “talk to people” ask them if they are willing to take a look and when they agree, send the link.  At least now they have committed to having a look and expect to report back

3. Do not post your company name or links to your product or service in groups.  For all the same reasons, this does not lead to a stable, long term business.

Post valuable content, or peak curiosity and include a link back to your website or blog or an e mail address so people who are really interested can get further information from you

4. Do not pitch your company, product or service in the first message.  This is offensive and pushes people away.

Instead, get to know the person.  Remember, this is not about a quick sale, it is about building a long term sustainable business.  Are you sure this is a person you want to be in business with?  Get to know them before you invite them to join your business

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  1. Your post here reminds me of my early days in Internet marketing! (*laughs*)

    Thanks for this post, Len. This surely reminds people of the methods to avoid, as it will not only waste their time, but also, risk their accounts being disciplined or suspended. Plus, not attractive to prospects at all.

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