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How To Have A Productive Day and Get More Hours 

productive dayDo you want to have a productive day?  Do you wish you had more hours in your day?  Do you have a daily method of operation?  Do you plan your day ahead of time?  Can I help you multiply time?  It really is quite simple.

If you don’t plan your day ahead of time, you are wasting precious time.  Most of us lose at least an hour or two by not having a plan and prioritizing a task list.

Plan the night before

The best way to insure a productive day is to plan your day the night before.  Keep a journal or notebook and right before bed, make a short list of your top priorities for tomorrow.  The reason I say “short” is, if the list is too long, it will never get done.  Long lists tend to indicate a lack of priority and confusion as to what the income producing activities are

Income producing activities

For many of us in home based business there really are only two income producing activities

  1. Talk to people
  2. Produce valuable content

A home based business is really a people to people business.  Sadly, the internet does not seem to indicate this these days.  Too many people are spamming links and making it ugly for the rest of us. People do business with you.  They don’t join your company or “biz-opp” they join you.  Now this seems boring, trite, overused and overstated but, if it is boring I have a question!

“Why are so many people on line still making the same mistake?”  

Why are they still spamming links and posting opportunity videos without actually talking to anyone or connecting with them? I’ll tell you why.  Because they are lazy, or scared, or both.  They have been sold a bill of goods about how easy it is to make money on line.  BS!  If you want to make money on line you have to put the “work” back into “work from home”!

The second point is producing valuable content.  This is how you build a brand and make a name for yourself as a reliable, reputable business person who has some integrity, knowledge and intelligence.  You build credibility for yourself, your products and services by explaining them to others and painting a picture of yourself as someone they would want to do business with.

My Daily Method Of Operation

As an example, here is my list of daily activities, not necessarily prioritized.  But I scan this list daily and make sure the important activities are accomplished

  • Coffee with Len video
  • Render Video
  • Post to Facebook Fan Page
  • distribute to other fan pages
  • distribute to groups
  • Write short description for UT
  • Post to UT
  • Post in OnlyWire
  • Write Blog Post
  • Post In Bloggers Group
  • Post to fan page
  • distribute
  • send e mail
  • start 10 conversations on FB
  • StatusBrew
  • SHC syndication
  • birthdays
  • Bloggers


Without a daily list of activities and method of operation you will waste time, flounder and ultimately fail out of confusion and overwhelm.  Having a productive day means getting the important things done first and foremost.  The fastest way into overwhelm is lack of planning and the fastest way out is a prioritized list and action!

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  1. Such a good list, Len! Thanks for sharing. I agree with you, a list to follow each day is crucial for success. And you have shared a good list, like a checklist for a day’s activity.

    By the way, what’s SHC syndication?

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