What Would Bobby Do – WWBD

What Would Bobby Do – WWBD


This week, suddenly, without warning, we lost a dear friend, a member of our team and an associate.  Bob Miller was loved by many, followed by many and emulated by many.  Bob’s daily Gratitude videos and his Gratitude Success Show were legendary.  Today I want to talk about WWBD, or What Would Bobby Do? (By the way, WWBD is now a registered hashtag, #wwbd).

I was at Bob’s house for several days this week.  I left Bob with a hug and “see you soon” Wednesday morning and drove home.  On Thursday morning I received the dreaded call, Bob left his “earthsuit” behind sometime during the night.  He was gone!

I am writing this blog post to remind us of several things.  Here we go:

Never, ever take anyone or anything for granted

How could I, or any of us know, that Bob would leave over night without so much as a “goodbye” or a warning.  Damn it anyhow but it’s just not fair.  Yet we must assume and know and believe his mission was accomplished and it was time to go home.  Bob you will be missed.

Always take the time to hug the people you care about

Imagine the terrible feeling if I had walked away Wednesday morning without stopping to give Bob a hug and let him know I cared about him.

Be grateful for what you DO have

Bob personified, taught and lived gratitude.  It is so important to appreciate all that life has to offer and remember to wake up every day to gratitude for you never know when it is the last day you will wake up.  Worldwide 151,600 people leave their bodies behind every day.  Bob and I were planning several things.  He had started to write his book.  Some of his music was still in him.  He had no clue that Wednesday was his last day on earth.

Take the time to smell the roses NOW!

You may not be here to smell them tomorrow and they might not be here either.

Help Your fellow Man

Bob took food almost every day to a homeless man named Andy, The Guru Of Fiesta Island.  He stopped frequently and gave change to a beggar on the street and to others asking for help.  Bob genuinely cared about people, he loved them and he respected them.

So What Would Bobby Do? (WWBD)

He would tell us to love one another as he has loved us.  To go forth and spew gratitude and teach and practice gratitude.  He would ask us to take our last banana and give it to Andy and to practice random acts of kindness and most of all, to do all we can each and everyone of us, to make the world a better place.

Bob, my dear friend, the world is a better place for having you in it.  Too bad you had to leave so soon.  I know you were just getting started and so we will endeavor to carry the torch of your legacy forward.

We love you Bobby Miller.  You are missed!

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8 thoughts on “What Would Bobby Do – WWBD”

  1. Jana Elizalde

    I think WWBD is awesome and something we can all live by, it is my new moto. We should try to follow in Bob’s foot steps and love and be kind to everyone that we can. He will be greatly missed but it was time for all of us to take over his mission. It is time for the world to change. Bob Miller will be greatly missed.

  2. Doug Rutherford

    I neve met Bob but often enjoyed his prance on your videos. I feel that I new him a little bit and enjoyed his comments. Gratitude is something we all must practice and share with others. God bless his time here with us.

  3. I know you had a heavy heart as you wrote that post and no doubt cried a little too. We will continue the work Bobby started. Not only the gratitude which was very important but our journey into educating people on the toxins in our products and food. We can not unlearn what we have learned and will continue to learn. It would be selfish to keep it to ourselves. Not everyone will hear us but we will just keep talking.

    1. It was hard but I needed to do it perhaps for me. Yes we will continue to spread the message CHris. Love you and thank you.

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