The Day I (Almost) Quit: You Need A Vision for Success!

The Day I (Almost) Quit –  A Vision For Success

vision for successWithout a vision for success you will surely fail! You joined a home based business because you had a vision for success, a promise of something better.  Maybe a better home or a car, maybe a vacation for the family or a private school for you kids.  Maybe you wanted to retire a spouse or contribute to a favorite charity.  Maybe you wanted to retire yourself.

Now here you are 6 months later (maybe 6 years later) with Nada, nothing to show or so it seems.  You feel like throwing up your hands in despair and quitting.  You are frustrated, overwhelmed and confused. You are angry and disappointed.  Your sponsor told you how easy this business is, right?  The product sells itself, right?  Just go show it to a few family members and friends, right?  Now you are a member of the NFL (No Friends Left) club, your own mother won’t answer the phone,  and you wonder, “What happened? What did I do wrong”?  It seems to work for all those other people I see on line.  Why not me?

Well first, know this, you are not alone!  You were lied to, perhaps not intentionally because your sponsor just repeated what he or she was told to say.  That’s how they were trained.  They were also misled by well-intentioned but ill-informed mentors.  And in fact very few of those people you see online are making any real money, most are broke and many are hanging on for dear life.

The Three Fundamentals Of Building A Business

As I sit here this morning writing I realize there are a set of fundamental principles that are at the foundation of any enterprise and that very few people discuss.  They are

  1. Vision
  2. Plan
  3. Time

The Vision For Success

What is your vision for success? What do you intend to accomplish?  Design you future and decide what it is.  As Jack Canfield says in his book, “The Success Principles”,  the biggest reason people do not get what they want is this, they don’t know what they want.  It is easier to know what we don’t want but we must focus energy on what we do want in order to achieve it.  The Law Of Attraction tells us that if we focus on what we don’t want, that is exactly what we will attract into our lives.  It is said that without a vision, the people perish.  With a vision the people flourish.

The Plan

Jim Rohn taught the principle of reaping.  Like a farmer with an empty plot of dirt, you must start with a plan.  The farmer plans a field of crops, and not just any crop.  He is specific.  He defines what kind of crop he will grow.  Will it be corn, or beans or Alfalfa sprouts?  Without a clear plan, he does not know how to prepare the land.

And so it is with you.  You must have a clear plan as to what you intend to accomplish.  Are you in health and wellness, travel, fitness?  It makes a difference.  You must craft your message to fit your intended audience


Also called the great equalizer, all things take time.  We cannot rush the harvest.  We cannot plant the seeds then dig them up to see how they are doing.  Some crops take longer than others but, if we plant good seeds in good soil, and tend to the field, sooner or later crops will appear.  In online marketing terms this is building an audience and providing valuable content to that audience.

Just like the farmer, some seeds will die and some will grow so we must plant lots of seeds to get some really good crops and we must be patient.  It just takes time!

The Day I (Almost) Quit

It is darn hard to do internet marketing without the internet.  Would you agree?  I went through a period of extreme exasperation with internet failures.  Watch the video for details but suffice it to say, I almost quit.  Why didn’t I?

The Vision

I had a vision for success of what I wanted my life to be like and no amount of frustration, failure or internet gremlins was going to keep that from me.  It has often been said that the pain will push you until the vision pulls you.  This is a classic example of how your vision can pull you through the difficult times.  It is not OK to not have a vision of what your future will look like.  Without a strong vision, you will not succeed and the monkeys chattering between your ears will win.

Remember why you started in the first place and look at how far you have come.  Remember the farmer plans and tills and waters and tends and weeds sometimes for months before the crop appears.  So must you.

Attraction Marketing

All leaders,  without exception, in the home based business arena embrace the tenants of attraction marketing.  They also embrace the concept of multiple streams of income.  Simply stated Attraction Marketing is, “Attract interested prospects to you who already want what you have to offer”  The concepts of Attraction Marketing are well taught in several different courses.  A great introduction to Attraction Marketing is Double Dog Dare You Attraction Marketing Challenge.  Learn more at

Create Your Vision For Success 

Vision WorkshopThe most important single factor determining your success or failure in your life or business is your mindset. If you mind isn’t in the right place nothing else matters. You are sure to fail unless you program your mind for success! Discover how to program your subconscious for success in this awesome workshop!

We are spiritual beings who have chosen to manifest into a physical universe. As such we are connected to infinite intelligence and we have the power to create our future, our destiny , our abundance. In this workshop we will learn to harness this power!

Your 2018 Vision Challenge

As discussed in a previous post, The first step to building wealth, financial freedom, and independence is taking 100% responsibility for you and your financial future. The second step is building a vision of what you want your future to look like. The third step is building belief in that vision.  If you struggle with building a vision and need some help, you might want to check out my “2018 Five Day Vision Challenge” In the free five day vision challenge I will challenge you and help you to build your vision for 2018.  We will look at our core values and our limiting beliefs.  We will develop a life purpose or mission statement.  Finally we will build belief in ourselves so that we have an absolute, iron clad, belief that our vision is achievable for us.  Join me for the free challenge workshop the 2nd week of January (starts Monday january 8, 2018 and will be recorded)

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