Get Unstuck: Three Steps To Success In Life

Get Unstuck: Three Steps To Success In Life

success in lifeDo you understand the steps to success in life?  Here is the truth: The ultimate thing that stops most of us from making significant progress in our lives is our own beliefs or perceptions about ourselves, but where do those come from? Sadly these are usually derived from past experience and limiting beliefs that were installed in us by well meaning, but a misguided society and other people.

We are told it is the things we tell ourselves but really it is the things that other people and society have told us, and we have come to accept, over the years. For the most part, the stories we tell ourselves were programmed into us by other people. They may have been well meaning people but, it is their opinion of life, not ours.

The reality is, those people, no matter how well meaning, were projecting their own fears, thoughts and insecurities into us and we were too young to reject them and process them from an adult view point.

Do you get that? Your limiting beliefs are a collection of other people’s views of  themselves and do not reflect at all on you or your ability.

We were born to succeed but many of us were programmed to, at best, achieve conformity or mediocrity and at worst, to fail from early childhood.

Everyone has a fear of failure at some level.  We have all been fearful we are not enough at times.
We come up with stories about why we aren’t good enough, smart enough too thin too fat, too…whatever

The final obstacle we have to face is ourselves.

So the fundamental question for steps to success is “How to we achieve a break through”? What is a breakthrough?

From Tony Robbins, “ A breakthrough is a moment in time when the impossible becomes possible. When you don’t just talk about something but you finally take massive action and do whatever it takes to make it happen.”

There are three steps to success to create a breakthrough.
1. We have to change our strategy.
2. We have to change our story and
3. we have to change our state.


Where do most people go to learn strategy: They go to a trusted advisor. But if we are seeking business advice and we go to Uncle Harry (who incidentally has never had a business) well that’s a recipe for disaster. But that unfortunately is what most people do.

It is often said that success leaves clues. It is suggested that we pick a person or persons who have what we want and then, we do what they do, and we will get what they got.  The person who has what we want isn’t lucky. They have worked to achieve their success and if we emulate them, we too can have what they have. But we have to emulate them in their entirety.  The reality is, that doesn’t always seem to work. Why not? I believe there are two reasons

We don’t always do ALL of what they do or did

As an example, it was pointed out to me that Ray Higdon blogged every day for five years. His blog now makes a million a year or more. What about you? Do you blog? You might say yes, I blog. Ahh but do you blog EVERYDAY, never miss a day for five years or, do you sort of blog once in awhile and then give up after a few months or, even couple years, because it isn’t working. You aren’t getting massive traffic yet. You might say I tried that Ray Higdon thing and it didn’t work for me. Did you really do everything he did or just dabble at it?

The reality is very few people implement a strategy with enough persistence and consistency to make it work. They give up way too soon. Success takes time, hard work, persistenc, consistency and strategy
So then we tell ourselves a story about why it didn’t work for us.

Our Stories

We tell ourselves that other person had good luck, or better breaks or knew someone or….
These stories don’t serve us. Those stories disrupt our ability to emulate, they disrupt our belief in ourselves and spell doom.  So with a disempowering story, we can virtually guarantee failure. We have to attach a story of empowerment to our strategy.

If they can do it, I can do it
I am as good as they are
I am the leader people are looking for
I am successful

So by attaching an empowering story to the strategy, we can program the outcome.

So change the story, change your life

You must tell yourself stories that will empower you. You have to believe in yourself.

Your Physical State

You cannot achieve massive success with a compromised physical state.

Have you ever noticed there are no fat successful people (or very few). Most people who are really successful are lean, trim, in good condition, they eat good food, get exercise, take care of themselves, drink little or none. They are aware of their physical state.
So in summary to have a massive breakthrough we need these three steps to success:
1. The right strategy
2. A compelling story
3. A good physical state


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