Pizza Pans, Mice, Men and Dream Stealers

Pizza Pans, Mice, Men and Dream Stealers

Dream StealersDo pizza pans crash down in the middle of your night and mice scamper through your dreams?  They did for me last night.  The mice knocked a pizza pan off the shelf in the kitchen and it came crashing to the floor and rolled across the kitchen.  Yes I have mice.  And Yes I have traps, but I have very clever mice, they eat food out of traps for a midnight snack and leave the traps for me to refill for breakfast.

After I settled back in from all that excitement, the dog started to bark.  Now Toby never barks unless there is someone outside that hasn’t scratched his back so I got up, got dressed and went looking.  Nada, no one I could find.  So we (me, Toby and the mice) all went back to bed.

But isn’t that the way life is?  If we let it, mice scamper through our dreams and pizza pans crash into our worst fears and strangers in the night steal our dreams but, only if we let them.  They are called dream stealers and if we give in, they will haunt us every night.

When the stalkers, the mice and the dream stealers slither across the landscape in the middle of the night, we gotta wake, up, get up, take a deep breath and chase them away for we know, they are an illusion.  Now we have a choice.

We got dressed, shone a light into the darkness and saw no one there.  We can either sit up all night in fear or return to sleep.  Time to go back to sleep and let the dreams return knowing the morning light is coming, our dreams are still intact, the thieves are gone the night is young and we are free to dream some more.

Dream big my friends for your dreams are your previews of your coming attractions.

Once again the secret to how to be successful is quite simple. Create a vision and take action! That’s all there is! Maybe there is a third ingredient in the secret to success. No excuses permitted!

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