Never ever give up – The Diana Nyad Story

never ever give upNever ever give up – The Diana Nyad Story

Do you have a dream?  Never ever give up. Is there something you would like to accomplish in your life?  Well then never ever give up. Are you going for it or are you waiting for a sign?  What is stopping you? Can I tell you a story?

Diana Nyad is a long distance swimmer who made it her goal to swim from Cuba to Florida.  That is a distance of over 100 mile – a remarkable feat all by itself.  Throw in sharks and very dangerous jelly fish, cool water temperature and wind, currents and the unpredictable Gulf Stream and it becomes an almost impossible accomplishment.  Yet this was her goal.  In pursuit of her goal she taught us to never ever give up.

The 1st attempt

In 1978 and at the age of 28 Diana made her 1st attempt to swim from Havana Cuba to Key West .  During this attempt she used a shark cage but high winds and rough seas forced her to abandon the attempt after 42 hours and 76 miles but, she wasn’t done.

The following year on her 30th birthday she set a world distance swimming record over open water by swimming 102 miles in 27 hours.


In 2010, now 60 years old, she began prepping for another attempt at the Cuba to Florida swim.

In 2011 and 2012 she made three more attempts all of which ended in what traditionally would be called failure because she failed to reach Florida.

Never ever give up – the fifth attempt – find a way

On the morning of August 31, 2013, now 64 years old, Nyad began her fifth bid to swim from Havana, Cuba to Florida, At approximately 1:55 pm EDT on September 2, 2013, Nyad reached the beach in Key West, about 53 hours after she began her swim.

The message is clear

Diana tells us the secret to success is to “Find a way – never, ever give up”.  Sports physiology studies have shown that in extreme” marathon-type activities mental determination is a more important factor than the physical energy of youth.  The simple fact is, mental determination is the core feature that precedes all great achievement be it in sports, or business or life.

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Are you too old, too young, too unskilled, too poor, too timid, too….…name it?  What is holding you back from reaching your dreams .  Can a 64 year old woman swim from Cuba to Florida?  Obviously yes! But it takes hard work, training, perseverance, determination.  It takes true grit! It takes the determination to never ever give up.

Your network marketing business is the same.  You must set your goals, define your why and never ever give up.  Many people quit before the magic happens but not you.  Right?  You don’t quit!  You will find a way.

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4 thoughts on “Never ever give up – The Diana Nyad Story”

  1. What a wonderful story of perseverance and never giving up and while your network marketing business is not quite as dangerous Never Giving Up Is a motto we should always chat everyday!

  2. Absolutely true Len, I totally agree with that, It doesn’t matter on who you are today, what matters is who do you want to become, first you must decide and never give up until you reach your goals. Thank you for sharing. =)

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