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It’s Magic – My Gratitude Rock

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It’s magic!  Have you ever heard of the Gratitude rock?  The concept was presented in the movie “The Secret” when Lee Brower told the story of a father who used a Gratitude Rock to save the life of a dying child.  It may seem a little “woo woo” for some, but it is a story of manifestation and belief in the Law Of Attraction.

Pick a Rock

Pick a rock, not just any rock, but a nice smooth easy to hold or put in your pocket rock and either carry it around with you or put it on your nightstand next to your bed.  Every night at bedtime pick up your magic rock and, while holding it, think of only good things that happened today.  You are only allowed good thoughts, no negative thought while holding your magic gratitude rock.

Search through all the good things that happened today and find the “best” good thing and anchor it.

Think of the best thing that happened today, the thing you are most grateful for.  Hold that thought and say “Thank you, thank you, thank you” three times.  Feel the gratitude.  Imagine the magic rock absorbing that gratitude and now go to sleep peacefully and with gratitude in your heart.

If you do this practice every night soon the mere act of picking up your magic rock will bring peace, joy and gratitude to your heart.  You will feel at peace.

The rock, you see, becomes a symbol for all the good in your life and it enables you to release the negative and focus on the positive.

The Law Of Attraction

The bedrock principal of the Law of Attraction is gratitude for what you already have.  When you practice gratitude the universe will strive to bring you more things to be grateful for.  That is how it works so go out in the garden, find your magic rock, practice gratitude every night at bedtime and soon you will see miracles happen in your life.  It’s magic!

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Your Vision Workshop

As discussed in a previous post, The first step to building wealth, financial freedom, and independence is taking 100% responsibility for you and your financial future. The second step is building a vision of what you want your future to look like. The third step is building belief in that vision.  If you struggle with building a vision and need some help, you might want to check out my “Vision Workshop”  It is a powerful journey into creative visualization, identifying your life’s major purpose and core values and setting your mind on a positive course of action that will result in financial abundance.

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