How To Become An Expert In Anything

How To Become An Expert In Anything


how to become an expertWould you like to know how to become an expert in anything you choose?  The answer is deceptively simple.  You won’t believe me when I tell you.  It is like anything else in life.  You start.  You take that first step.  And what is the first step?  You decide to become an expert in the field you choose.

According to Dr. Wayne Dyer from “I can see clearly now chapter 16” “Becoming an expert means being unafraid to declare yourself one, then acting on that inner declaration”.

Now that doesn’t mean that if you decide to be a brain surgeon, you should start operating on brains.  It means you visualize yourself as a brain surgeon and start acting as if you were one by reading all you can read, preparing to attend school, acquiring the skills necessary and never waiver from the goal.

Similarly if you wish to become an expert internet or network marketer, you first decide that you are an expert.  You visualize yourself as an expert and you act as if you are already an expert by doing the things an expert would do.  “What is that”, you ask?  Ah glad you asked.

So what does it mean to become an expert?  It means you study, read, invest and learn and then you teach.  The best way to become an expert is to teach.  So you practice the art of Invest-Learn-Teach (ILT).  You invest in yourself by reading all you can read, attending webinars, classes and live events, you learn from these venues and then you teach what you learned to those who are coming behind you.

But you object, I don’t know enough to teach anybody anything.  Wrong.  Do you know more today than you did yesterday? Teach to the person who represents you yesterday. Remember there is always someone ahead of you to learn from and always someone behind you for you to teach. A true expert is never done learning and is always teaching

[mlsp-cta campaign=”bizbuildermasterynet” layout=”standard” align=”left”]The best way to become an expert or a  recognized authority is to publish valuable content on a regular basis.  That way as you invest in yourself, you will be using your new practical knowledge to teach others and you will establish a reputation as a teacher and as an authority.

So let’s wrap this into a nice package.  How to become an expert starts with first you declare yourself to be an expert in your chosen field, not out loud but to yourself.  Then you act as if you are an expert.  What would an expert do?  They would study, learn and teach.  An expert is always learning and always publishes valuable content.

In this way, the expert amasses a following and develops a reputation as an authority.

As is always the case, the first step is to set the intention and that means believing in yourself and seeing yourself in the role of “expert”

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