Baby Steps – How To Succeed At Anything In Life

Baby Steps – How To Succeed At Anything In Life

succeed at anythingWould you like to know how to succeed at anything in life?  It’s the last day of 2017, a new year is about to begin.  Did you accomplish everything you thought you would in 2017?  No?  Why?  What’s holding you back?  Is it baby steps?  Often times we think it is information.  I’ll be successful when I learn how to_____ fill in the blank, create a blog or a capture page

Sometimes we think happiness and success is an external event.  You now,  I’ll be happy when my kid cleans their room, or when I get a new car or when I (Fill in the blank).

Maybe it is a task to be completed.  I’ll be successful when ________________ – you fill in the blank! When I complete my blog, when I put up my capture page, when I build my e mail list.

But intrinsically we know it isn’t things, stuff or information that will achieve the result.  How to succeed at anything requires a vision.  It also requires action and tenacity.  It requires continuous improvement.  It requires baby steps.

Often we think we lack information but the fact is, we are in information overload.  For example in his great book “The Slight Edge” Jeff Olson talks about curing something like being an alcoholic.  If I hand an alcoholic a book about how not to be an alcoholic he/she should be cured because they have all the information.  But it doesn’t work out that way.  So maybe it is having the right information?  Sorry that doesn’t help either.  The problem is not information.

In the Slight Edge Jeff Olson points out that all the information we need is available.  Just like the alcoholic, if having the right information was the answer, we could quickly achieve anything we want because we have all the information.  If we don’t know the answer “Google” does.  Just “Google it”!   Something is missing.  Jeff calls it the processor.

It’s how we process the information.  It’s what we do with the information.  When you were less than a year old you decided to learn to walk, and so you did.  You took baby steps.  Learning to walk is an enormously complex task yet somehow you managed to do it without a You Tube video or an instruction manual.  You didn’t care how many people saw you fall down and squirrel around on your back like an upside down cockroach.  You just kept relentlessly going after the goal until you accomplished it.

Somehow you got it in your little brain that walking was the thing to do.  You didn’t question it or overthink it or 2nd guess it.  You simply started trying to do it.  You didn’t sit there in the ground thinking, “This walking thing looks difficult, maybe I better not try it”  You didn’t worry about how many people laughed at you when you fell down.  You didn’t even care if they laughed, you were too busy forging ahead to accomplish the task.  You learned to walk!

Grow Back Down

What changed?  You grew up! Well grow back down!  If you could duplicate what you did when you learned to walk today,  you could have, do, or be anything you want with ease.  You would succeed in life at anything you wanted.  You knew how to get it way back then.  Go for it again with the same gusto and enthusiasm.

The challenge we face in our grown up world is we have let our ego get into the picture.  It worries about what others might think or how silly we might look.  Screw your ego!  Let’s walk again!

The Recipe For Success

When you adult brain conceives an idea, just execute it.  An idea is the universe communicating with you telling you what to do next.  That idea might be to call you spouse and tell her you love her (great way to have a good marriage).  It might be to take the kids to the park (Awesome way to have a good relation with your kids).  Maybe it is to write a blog post or do a video ( Great way to put valuable content into the marketplace and attract clients).  Just do it.  Don’t overthink it and don’t make excuses.

Who cares what the neighbors think? How many of your neighbors will show up and cry at your funeral?  Not many!  So why are you spending your life worrying about what they think?  Who cares what they think?  So what if they laugh at you?  They are really only laughing at their own insecurity because they don’t have the courage to try!

You gotta be bad before you can be goodSo accept the challenge and get into action.  Accept that you will stumble, you will fall and you will get back up to try again.  It’s all part of success.

Your 2018 Vision Challenge

As discussed in a previous post, The first step to building wealth, financial freedom, and independence is taking 100% responsibility for you and your financial future. The second step is building a vision of what you want your future to look like. The third step is building belief in that vision.  If you struggle with building a vision and need some help, you might want to check out my “2018 Five Day Vision Challenge” In the free five day vision challenge I will challenge you and help you to build your vision for 2018.  We will look at our core values and our limiting beliefs.  We will develop a life purpose or mission statement.  Finally we will build belief in ourselves so that we have an absolute, iron clad, belief that our vision is achievable for us.  Join me for the free challenge workshop the 2nd week of January 2018

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