2019 New Years Resolutions – Make em Stick – Here’s How!!

2019 New Years Resolutions –

Make em Stick – Here’s How!

2019 New years ResolutionssMany people will make 2019 New Years Resolutions, few will keep them for longer than a couple weeks.  Why is that?

It is a tragedy of our society that the gym parking lot is full on January 2nd and empty by Jan 30, or perhaps much sooner.  Again, why is that?  Simple!  Many people make 2019 New Year’s resolutions to do something like go to the gym more often or eat healthier or save money as a few examples.  The problem is, these types of “2019 new years resolutions” have no teeth, no substance, and as soon as the slightest “bump in the road” comes along, the resolution is forgotten.

We need two things to make 2019 new years resolutions that stick: goals and a vision.  It is often said that our pain pushes us until our vision pulls us.  What does that mean?

The Vision

It is simple.  As human beings our general tendency is to move away from pain and toward pleasure.  Witness someone burning their hand on a hot surface.  They move pretty quickly away from the pain.  However New years resolutions fall into a different category.  Let’s say you are 100 lbs. overweight, not an uncommon condition in America.  But are you in pain?  No! At least not yet.  You may huff and puff and struggle to climb stairs and be acutely aware of the health implication but, and here is the big butt (pardon the pun) the pain is not acute yet.  So convincing yourself to stay on a course of action to lose that weight takes another level of input.  It takes a vision!

What is a vision?  It is a concrete picture of what life will be like when you have achieved the desired result.  Notice I said result and not goal.  Why?  A goal by itself again has no momentum.  The thing that creates the momentum is the vision.  Often called your “why” it is, in my opinion much bigger than “why”.  It is what or who you wish to become.  You want to lose the weight because you have a vision of a healthy you, running with the grandchildren, playing ball with your son, loving your spouse, maintaining an active lifestyle and with all that extra weight, you cannot do those things anymore.  That is a vision.  Without the vision, the goals become mere words on paper.

The Goal

For a goal to be effective it must contain three elements.  These three elements are:

  1. Realistically Achievable
  2. Absolutely Believable
  3. Simply Measureable

Let’s look at these three elements

Realistically Achievable

A goal must stretch your imagination but not break it.  For example, if I say I am going to lose 100 lbs. next week that is simply not a realistic goal (unless I intend to approach it with a chain saw).  However a goal to achieve my ideal weight of 150 lbs. in 6 months has a ring of authenticity to it.

Absolutely Believable

If you don’t really believe with all your heart and soul that your goal is achievable, you will give up way too soon.  The function of our ego is to protect us from our self.  If you give it an unrealistic goal, it will simply tell you that’s not possible and you won’t be motivated to even try.  For example, losing 100 lbs. in a week or even a month is probably not realistic and will be rejected by your sub conscious mind which will protect you from making a fool of yourself.  You won’t believe it is possible so you will not pursue it vigorously.  The result is you will give up way too soon.

Simply Measurable

How do I know if I succeeded (or failed)?  I measure it.  If I say my goal is to be at my ideal weight of 150 lbs. by June 1, it is simple.  On June 1 I stand on a scale.  Anyone can make the measurement and ascertain the result.  Simple!


There you have it.  If my New Year’s resolutions include going to the gym more often, how often is more often?  Hey I went yesterday so I fulfilled my resolution.  What about a financial goal to save money?  Hey I saved a dollar, is that enough?  You get the drift.  The resolution must be unrelenting along with a  vision and a goal that is, realistic, achievable and believable for your ego to accept it, your brain to wrap itself around it and your body to achieve it.

The Plan

Now all you need is a plan of attack  For example, I will achieve my ideal weight of 150 lbs by going to the gym 3 times per week, eating salad for lunch and drinking two less beers every night.  Now that is a goal with a plan that can be believed and achieved.

Write It Down

And oh, by the way, written visions, goals and plans are far easier to achieve than the ones you carry around in your head, so write it down!  It is not a matter of memory. That is your ego talking!  It is programming the vision into your subconscious mind and making it a reality.  So write it down!  For reasons unknown to me, the written vision and goals carry far more authority than the unwritten ones.  So in summary, get out a piece of paper right now and write it down!

Your 2019 Vision Challenge

As discussed in a previous post, The first step to building wealth, financial freedom, and independence is taking 100% responsibility for you and your financial future. The second step is building a vision of what you want your future to look like. The third step is building belief in that vision.  If you need help in any area, you will want to check out my private coaching group, “The Wealth, healthy and active coaching society”  Here you will join a group of dedicated friends working toward a common goal for 2019.  Join us today!

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