The Loss Of A Friend

The Loss Of A Friend

loss of a friendIt was a sad and tragic day!  The loss of a friend is always sad but, I lost my bestest friend for life.  I met him in 2nd grade and we had been friends for all those years, more than I care to count to.  Even though time, the military, marriage, careers and life put a couple thousand miles between us, I could always count on him.  I always felt, when we got together, we reconnected instantly as if we had never been apart.  Our souls merged and we were always one in spirit.

Then one day, not too long ago, I learned he had cancer.  He was to undergo radiation and chemo, which he did.  With bravado he faced the enemy and stared him down.  He won, so it seemed.  He was declared cancer free.

Sadly however, the victory was very short lived.  Cancer, radiation and chemo took their toll and one day in December, with little warning, he was suddenly ill again.  This time from unknown causes.  Off to the emergency room, into intensive care, intubated, organs failing, lungs not working, not enough oxygen getting to vital organs.  The entire medical profession stood helplessly by as my friend slipped into death.  Cause of death: Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) which translated means his lungs quit working for no apparent discernible reason.

Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS)

Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) is a serious condition characterized by low oxygen in the blood. ARDS affects you if you already have an underlying health problem such as pneumonia, pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas), or heart attack. It can occur while you’re in the hospital being treated for your underlying condition.

You may be at risk for acute respiratory failure if you:

  • smoke tobacco products
  • drink alcohol excessively
  • have a family history of respiratory disease or conditions
  • sustain an injury to the spine, brain, or chest
  • have chronic (long-term) respiratory problems, such as cancer of the lungs, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), or asthma

My friend had or did none of the above!

Consider the following quote “The immune system is hit particularly hard by chemotherapy and often does not recuperate enough to adequately protect from common illnesses, which can then lead to death. Some 67 percent of people who die during cancer treatment do so through opportunistic infections arising as a direct result of the immune system failing because of the aggressive and toxic nature of the drugs.”

An Alternate Theory

In 1931 Dr. Otto Warburg was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his ground breaking research showing that disease cannot thrive in a properly alkalized body.  This research has been ignored by the mainstream medical profession and pharmaceutical companies as “poor science” and unverified conjecture.  Now the Nobel Prize is not awarded for poor science, improperly conducted in a Frankensteinian basement laboratory without peer review.

Furthermore, in the last 35 years over 20,000 new chemicals have been introduced into our environment.  Many of these are known toxins and their long term effect on humans is largely unknown.

We are conducting the biggest unscientific experiment in history and you and I and my friend are the guinea pigs.

Some Startling Facts

  • 1 in 2 American children are either overweight or chronically ill
  • Childhood brain cancer rates are rising
  • Childhood leukemia rates are rising
  • Type 2 diabetes is skyrocketing
  • Breast cancer rates are rising

What If?

I don’t know the answer but feel compelled to ask the question.   What if we, as a society, adopted the idea that healthy living is available to us?  What if the medical profession pursued the idea that maintaining an alkalized body could in fact result in less disease? What if the drug companies pursued natural remedies that actually helped the body heal and produced less stress than chemotherapy?  What if we beat cancer with nature rather than with drugs?

I for one, am fully alkalized and working toward living an extremely healthy life.  Yes I will die from something but, hopefully not ARDS most likely induced by unnecessary chemo therapy.

Consider the following statement from cancer specialist professor Charles Mathe: “If I contracted cancer, I would never go to a standard cancer treatment center. Cancer victims who live far from such centers have a chance.”

My dear lifelong friend, I love ya man! You are missed! May you rest in peace my lifelong friend!  See you again soon enough!

Toxins And Our Environment

Since 1985, over 20,000 new chemicals have been introduced and are soaking our environment, our children and you.  And yes! the FDA and EPA allow it.  These industries are, to a great extent, unregulated.   To learn more about toxins in your home and body and your children, check out The Toxic Truth. The magnitude of the problem will astound you.

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