Stomach Aches, Digestion and You

stomach achesStomach Aches, Digestion and You

Do you have stomach aches after eating?  Do you suffer from digestive issues?  Do you even know what to look for?  Do you feel bloated and full after eating?  Do you pass excessive gas?  Do you have stomach cramps or indigestion.  Is there a bottle of Maalox (or other antacid) on your bed stand at night?  Are you fatigued?  Do you suspect you are gluten intolerant?  How about joint pain, headaches, fatigue or poor memory?

The list goes on and on and quite simply all of these could be related to digestive issues.

If you live in the industrial world and are over 20 years old,the chances are good you have a compromised digestive system and stomach aches as well!

Your Gut and What It Needs

Without proper digestion, our food cannot be utilized efficiently by our body.  This results in stomache aches, bloating and possible disease.  Often chunks of food can lie rotting in our system due to incomplete digestion.  There are three things required for digestion to work properly.  They are prebiotics, probiotics and digestive enzymes.  Let’s look at each one of these and understand their role and more importantly, their inter relationship to one another and how the symbiosis between prebiotics and probiotics is necessary for complete digestion.  In addition we will look at the role pollution and toxic chemicals play in compromising our bodies ability to function properly.

“Unfortunately, foods have indeed changed over the past decades. In fact, nutrient levels in crops today are markedly lower than they were 50 years ago. There’s not only less of what should be in foods, but more of what shouldn’t be (pesticides, herbicides, preservatives, etc.).

Toxins And You

Think if a product is on the market it must be safe for human consumption?  Think again!

In its history, the E.P.A. has mandated safety testing for only a small percentage of the 85,000 industrial chemicals available for use today. and has succeeded in banning or restricting only five substances.  There are so many toxins in our environment and our products that it is unfathomable.  There is compelling evidence that many diseases are related to toxicity. The movie “Stink”  explored the compelling evidence linking the rise in industrial chemicals to disease.  The graph below shows this.  Now I know there are people who will argue this is not good science but really?  Can anyone look at this graph and honestly say there is no evidence of a correlation?  It is clear that the rise in at least certain disease in our world is directly linked to the rise in industrial chemical production and use.


disease and toxins

Digestion and You

So what does all this have to do with my stomach aches you ask?  Plenty!  Not only does our food contain bad stuff (sugar, GMO’s, synthetic chemicals)  but we  also have incomplete digestion. Our digestive enzymes are weakened by age and other factors. In order for your food to be digested properly,  there are live beneficial bacteria called probiotics that are required in your intestinal tract.  WIthout a proper supply of well nourished probiotics, you food remains improperly and  incompletely digested.

There are three things necessary for your body to digest it’s food completely and to supply the maximum nutrition to your body.  There are prebiotics, probiotics and digestive enzymes.  Let’s look at each one of these individually and understand the role they play

Probiotics and You

Probiotics are live (good) bacteria. These are needed in your gut for proper health.  Unfortunately these good bacteria needed for complete digestion are compromised by toxins, poor food quality and other factors such as vaccines, antibiotics etc…

Antibiotics save lives but we have an overuse and abuse of antibiotics in our society.  Antibiotics are prescribed for every little sniffle or sneeze that our bodies could combat on their own.

Soaps, toothpaste, personal care products etc contain a chemical called Triclosan which is a particularly dangerous chemical found in many personal care products.

Soil, meat, water, are compromised by overuse of antibiotics.  Even veggies are compromised from the soil and water supply as farm animals pee and poop excessive antibiotics.

Every store has hand sanitizer at the entrance.  These toxic substances are overused even in what should be safe places like hospitals.

So the conclusion is supplementing your good gut bacteria with a fresh supply of wholesome probiotics is a necessary step.

Prebiotics and Your Health

Probiotics are living organisms.  They gotta eat and what they like to eat is called prebiotics.

Prebiotics are non-digestable carbohydrates that are necessary to feed the probiotics.   Just like other high-fiber foods, prebiotic compounds — including the kind found in foods like garlic, Jerusalem artichokes, jicama, dandelion greens and onions — pass through the upper part of the gastrointestinal tract and remain undigested, since the human body can’t fully break them down.

Once they pass through the small intestine, they reach the colon, where they’re fermented by the gut microflora, in other words they are consumed by the probiotics.

Digestive Enzymes

So if I have prebiotics and probiotics why do I need digestive enzymes.  Ahh another good question.  The probiotics “eat” the partially digested food that has already passed out of the stomach and into your intestines.  Digestive enzymes are required to initiate the process in your stomach.  This is where big molecules (you know that beef burger you wolfed down for lunch) get partially digested and pass into the intestines where the probiotics can do their job.

Many foods come with their own enzymes and your body also manufactures enzymes.  But, naturally occurring enzymes are destroyed by heat.  That’s right.  Cooking is not good for your digestion as it destroys some of the natural enzymes.

The enzymes in raw foods are destroyed by heat. In fact, cooking any food at temperatures above 116 degrees Fahrenheit kills all enzymes. This increases the amount of energy the body needs to digest the cooked food. It also increases the amount of time needed in the digestive tract to try to absorb nutrients. This puts wear and tear on your pancreas.

Aging and your enzymes

In order to break down food efficiently and effectively, and avoid stomach aches and other digestive issues, your body needs a sufficient supply of digestive enzymes. Raw foods contain natural enzymes that make their own digestion easier,

The more refined foods are, the more digestive enzymes your body must produce on its own to absorb nutrients properly and thus avoid stomach aches.

Researchers have shown that the ability of the body to produce enzymes starts to slump as early as age 20. It has been observed that your enzyme level could be down by about 25 percent by age 40, compared to the peak level it was when you were still very young.   These levels continue to decrease and become significantly lower by age 60 or 70 …

What is The Solution

Simple! As our food quality deteriorates we need to help our bodies along.  In order to avoid stomach aches and other digestive issues, we need to supplement the probiotics and digestive enzymes so our bodies can do its job.  In addition we need to feed the good bacteria so we need prebiotics as well.  There are very safe and sane products on the market that can help.  One recent addition is shown here is a gluten free daily supplement that is guaranteed to provide the highest quality digestive enzyme activity.  It Works better than any other enzyme product available today.

Daily Digest is a Supportive, full spectrum, professional grade dietary supplement  that contains every necessary active digestive enzyme required for your body.  Additional products provide the necessary prebiotics and probiotics needed for complete digestive health.

We Are Overexposed

That is the sad reality!  We are overexposed to toxic chemicals. The manufacturers argue that the amounts are so small as to be meaningless and not harmful.  I will give them that on a single isolated basis .  If we were exposed to one product perhaps once a day, maybe  our bodies could handle it but we are not.  We are exposed to 100’s of products multiple times each day and each one has its own small amount of toxins. So the effect is cumulative.  We are being poisoned slowly by our government, our food and beauty industry and our industrial strength cleaning products.

Toxins And Our Environment

Since 1985, over 20,000 new chemicals have been introduced and are soaking our environment, our children and you.  And yes! the FDA and EPA allow it.  These industries are, to a great extent, unregulated.   To learn more about toxins in your home and body and your children, check out The Toxic Truth. The magnitude of the problem will astound you.  I further suggest you check into The Silent Soak and download the free e-book that explains 10 simple shifts you can make to protect your kiddos and other family members.

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