Warning: You Might Be Poisoning Your Family!

Warning:  “You Might Be Poisoning Your family”

poisoningHave you considered the possibility that you are unknowingly poisoning your family?  Did I get your attention?  That is a pretty dramatic headline but sadly, it is the truth.  In the 30 years since 1985, the US food, cosmetic and cleaning products industries combined have unleashed a torrent of new chemicals onto the unsuspecting public.  Almost 20,000 new chemicals are in our daily use products and most are untested for human consumption or toxicity. We have GMO’s, hormone disruptors, pesticides and many more.  These chemicals are poisoning us slowly.

Now I know you don’t believe me.  You believe that it cannot be true.  You believe the government is protecting you.  You suspect I am an alarmist, an activist, or worse, perhaps just a slick salesman in an expensive suit trying to sell you something.  Well here is the problem.  I don’t have an expensive suit. Read on!

Government Regulation

The slick salesmen in the expensive suit sold your government and convinced them to grant self- regulation to an industry that is incapable of regulating itself.  For example, the food industry lobbied and convinced congress that GMO’s are essentially equivalent to “natures food” and so the FDA turned a blind eye in 1986 during the Reagan administration.  For example, with respect to modified proteins in GMO food,  “…the potential toxicity of the engineered protein was not evaluated; while the FDA usually requires safety data on potentially toxic substances, insecticides are a special subclass that falls under the jurisdiction of the EPA.”  So for example, corn that has been bio-engineered and had an insecticide added escapes a safety evaluation before it come to market”  You are the guinea pig.  If you get sick or die, then maybe there will be reform.

Scientific Experiments

Sadly we are conducting the biggest scientific experiment in human history and you and I are the guinea pigs.  If enough of us die, the contributing chemical will be banned.  Throughout history there have been many food contamination incidents.  Many of these are accidental but many are also intentional and criminal.  This, and this alone provides a good reason for purchasing organic food products when available and possible.


Did you know the average woman puts between 100 and 200 chemicals into her blood stream before 9:00AM.  These chemicals originate in the shampoos, conditioners, toothpaste, body cream and other lotions and potions that are cavalierly applied and assumed to be safe.  The skin is essentially transparent to these chemicals and many are readily absorbed.  So, what happens to them, where do they go?

Well, did you know that, for example, 98% of all breast cancers biopsied recently have shown contamination from these and other products.  The problem is the human body was not designed to be a 24/7 sponge for toxic chemicals.  It does not know what to do with them, it cannot process them.  So it stores them in fatty tissue, such as the female breast.  Hey what better place to store a little stuff away?

Cleaning Products

Did you know that it takes less than 30 seconds for chemicals on the floor to be absorbed into the bloodstream of your bare footed child?  Have you noticed the increase in disease in recent years?  From Asthma and ADHD, from  Learning disabilities to Autism to extreme obesity and childhood diabetes?  Does it concern you that your children or grandchildren are being exposed to a chemical soak on a daily basis?

It begins in the womb

Sadly it begins before birth.  Recently, 10 unborn babies were tested for toxic chemicals while in the womb.  There was an average of 100 toxic chemicals found in each fetus.  They all tested positive for the chemicals that were in the mother’s blood stream.

We are overexposed

That is the sad reality!  we are overexposed to toxic chemicals. The manufacturers argue that the amounts are so small as to be meaningless and not harmful.  I will give them that on a single isolated basis .  If we were exposed to one product perhaps once a day, maybe  our bodies could handle it but we are not.  We are exposed to 100’s of products multiple times each day and each one has its own small amount of toxins. So the effect is cumulative.  We are being poisoned slowly by our government, our food and beauty industry and our industrial strength cleaning products.

Toxins And Our Environment

Since 1985, over 20,000 new chemicals have been introduced and are soaking our environment, our children and you.  And yes! the FDA and EPA allow it.  These industries are, to a great extent, unregulated.   To learn more about toxins in your home and body and your children, check out The Toxic Truth. The magnitude of the problem will astound you.

 Did This Help You think about the question, “Am I poisoning my family” If yes, I would greatly appreciate it if you commented below and shared on Facebook.


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  1. I remember 1985 during the Reagan Era that deregulated EVERYTHING. It created NAFTA and a bunch of very bad things for the people of the USA.
    You are not a slick salesman and you speak the truth. I can not unlearn what I have learned and people need to educate themselves on what is happening to us!

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