Lipstick With Lead – How Dangerous Is It?

Lipstick With Lead – How Dangerous Is It?

Lipstick With LeadKilling me softly with her lips!  Wow! Now there is a thought but sadly,  it could be true.  In a recent study virtually every cosmetic product tested contained a potentially dangerous or toxic heavy metal.  Many have heard of lipstick with lead but what few people realize is, just because the ingredient list doesn’t contain “lead” doesn’t make it safe.

Lead is not the only metal found in lipstick. In a study published in Environmental Health Perspectives, researchers found traces of seven other metals in 24 lip glosses and eight lipstick brands.

It All Adds Up

The women in this study reported reapplying their lipstick up to 24 times each day. So, while the FDA and cosmetic industry claim the amounts are minute in each application, they add up significantly over time.  Besides lipstick with leade, one of the other potentially very serious trace metals found in lipstick is cadmium, a known carcinogenic metal.  Research has found cadmium in breast cancer biopsies and found lab trials have shown that cancer cells can use cadmium to multiply.

Personal care products are a $50 billion industry in the United States, yet the U.S. government doesn’t require any mandatory testing for these products before they hit store shelves.

In fact, the personal care industry is self-regulated.  Since the mid 1930’s companies are legally able to use cheap chemicals that are known toxins in products to increase profits.

Testing Not Required

Lipstick, deodorants, shampoos and other personal care products do not usually undergo testing and many times don’t contain a complete list of ingredients.

What this means is that women who apply lipstick with lead several times a day could easily be ingesting high amounts of lead or other contaminants over the course of their lifetime, along with any number of other unknown chemical additives.

Chemicals are not only ingested but also absorbed through your skin, and are not limited to cosmetics.

Long-Term Cost of Cosmetics

Studies have also found consistent daily use of lipstick could lead to dangerous levels of manganese and high levels of chromium.  Of particular concern in the use of personal care products like your lipstick are the use of chemicals that don’t cause immediate health problems but, over time with consistent use, may increase the risk of cancer, reproductive disorders and other health issues.

Your body was not designed to be a 24/7 sponge for these toxins and chemicals and the result is they accumulate in fatty tissue and other body organs.  They are lurking there waiting to emerge and strangle you when the time is right.

Sadly when the doctor hands you the diagnosis of liver or kidney failure or cancer, it is too late.

We Are Overexposed

That is the sad reality!  We are overexposed to toxic chemicals. The manufacturers argue that the amounts are so small as to be meaningless and not harmful.  I will give them that on a single isolated basis .  If we were exposed to one product perhaps once a day, maybe  our bodies could handle it but we are not.  We are exposed to 100’s of products multiple times each day and each one has its own small amount of toxins. So the effect is cumulative.  We are being poisoned slowly by our government, our food and beauty industry and our industrial strength cleaning products.

Toxins And Our Environment

Since 1985, over 20,000 new chemicals have been introduced and are soaking our environment, our children and you.  And yes! the FDA and EPA allow it.  These industries are, to a great extent, unregulated.   To learn more about toxins in your home and body and your children, check out The Toxic Truth. The magnitude of the problem will astound you.  I further suggest you check into The Silent Soak and download the free e-book that explains 10 simple shifts you can make to protect your kiddos and other family members.

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