The Glyphosate Debacle – Weed Killer In My Cereal?

The Glyphosate Debacle – Weed Killer in my Cereal?

glyphosateGlyphosate is in your cereal!  Good morning my friend.  Let me ask you a question. Would you intentionally feed your family weed killer for breakfast?  No?  Well most likely, you are.

The data is in and the conclusion is solid.  The principal chemical from Monsanto’s Roundup weed killer, glyphosate,  is in many of the most common foods we eat daily.  Glyphosate, the principal chemical in Roundup is found in virtually all processed (and some non-processed) foods in substantial amounts.

It has been thought by some that very small amounts (.1 ppb) could be harmful.  Cheerios was found to have over 1000 ppb of glyphosate.  Many of our most popular foods, Wheaties (breakfast of champions ha!) Raisin Bran, Fritos, Goldfish, Oreos, Ritz …and the list goes on, contain substantial amounts of this dangerous chemical.

The EPA and Government Protection

How can this be you ask.  Isn’t the government protecting us?  No it is not.  See my previous blog posts for more information about government complicity.

In the 1930’s the government quietly gave self-regulation to the industry.  Since then, the chemical giants, in particular Monsanto, have quietly reduced cost and increased profit by using cheap toxic chemicals in our food and personal care products.

Obesity and Toxic Chemicals

The consistent argument is that trace amounts are too small to cause any significant harm.  But the reality is, these so called trace amounts appear to accumulate in fatty tissue (lord knows many of us have enough of that) and the body stores these toxins.

In fact it now appears that our bodies manufacture fat as a response to this toxic overload.  Our bodies were not designed to be a 24/7 sponge for toxic chemicals and has no mechanism to process them.   In order to store these toxins fatty tissue is manufactured, and that may lie at the root of the obesity problem in America

GMO’s And The Rush To Market

The problem is, in the rush to bring Genetically Modified Foods (GMO’s) to market, many were engineered to withstand massive amounts of Roundup.  The use of this popular weed killer has skyrocketed beyond anything imagined.  The consequence is that Roundup has permeated our environment and is in everything including your drinking water.

Glyphosate is Bad Stuff

Independent research links glyphosate to cancer and it has been deemed a probable human carcinogen by the World Health Organization’s team of international cancer experts. The childhood cancer rate is steadily rising and experts say that they don’t know why.

Research also indicates that glyphosate is an endocrine disruptor, which disrupts hormones and leads to reproductive problems, early onset puberty, obesity, diabetes, and some cancers. When it comes to endocrine disruptors, very small exposures are the most damaging.

Take This Serious

It is time to take this threat to our health seriously and do something about it.  You can start by not eating foods known to contain glyphosate (buy organic) and by telling Monsanto “No more” and pushing on your congressman for strict legislation limiting the use of Roundup or banning it altogether.

It begins in the womb

Sadly it begins before birth.  Recently, 10 unborn babies were tested for toxic chemicals while in the womb.  There was an average of 100 toxic chemicals found in each fetus.  They all tested positive for the chemicals that were in the mother’s blood stream.

We Are Overexposed

That is the sad reality!  We are overexposed to toxic chemicals. The manufacturers argue that the amounts are so small as to be meaningless and not harmful.  I will give them that on a single isolated basis .  If we were exposed to one product perhaps once a day, maybe  our bodies could handle it but we are not.  We are exposed to 100’s of products multiple times each day and each one has its own small amount of toxins. So the effect is cumulative.  We are being poisoned slowly by our government, our food and beauty industry and our industrial strength cleaning products.

Toxins And Our Environment

Since 1985, over 20,000 new chemicals have been introduced and are soaking our environment, our children and you.  And yes! the FDA and EPA allow it.  These industries are, to a great extent, unregulated.   To learn more about toxins in your home and body and your children, check out The Toxic Truth. The magnitude of the problem will astound you.  I further suggest you check into The Silent Soak and download the free e-book that explains 10 simple shifts you can make to protect your kiddos and other family members.

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