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change my lifeI was thinking one day.  “If I could change my finances, I could change my life,” I thought,  but how? Then a friend of mine asked, “Just Curious: How would it feel if you and your family were hyper healthy with minimal or no medical bills or dental bills?  Pretty darn good huh?”  I thought, “Well heck yeah and no medical or dental bills would mean better finances”,  so I perked up and listened.

My friend went on to ask, “How would it feel if you could extend your active lifestyle well beyond your 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and even into your 80’s or 90’s? and be financially stable?  Pretty awesome huh?”  I began to see a picture of me skiing when I was 90 years young and in good health.

The System Is Broke

Do you know that in what is the richest country that has ever existed on earth (here) with what should be the best health care system ever devised, that 95% of the population is either dead or broke at age 65?  I did not know that.  I thought wow “What is wrong with this picture?”

  • How would it feel if you were financially free and healthy and could live the life of your dreams? Pretty awesome huh?
  • How much is in your savings account? (The national average is less than $1000)
  • How much credit card debt do you have? (The national average is $18,000

Here is the deal. The planet is going green one time and it is now! Just look in the grocery stores and you will see the organic movement is coming like a freight train.  It is the next major paradigm shift on the planet.  Did you miss the last one?  Probably did huh?  Just think, “I can change my life!”

How will it feel when you are ahead of the next paradigm shift on the planet and participate in the next trillion dollar industry?

Pretty Smart move huh?

  • Do you think that if it is on the shelf in the store it must be safe?  It isn’t
  • Do you think the government is protecting you?  It is not.
  • Do you think that if a company has been in business for a long time, they couldn’t possibly be putting harmful chemicals in their products.  Well they are.

The Industry Is NOT regulated

Since 1936, the food industry and personal care industry have been self-regulated.  Companies legally use cheap toxic chemicals in products to increase profits.  Not just minor skin and eye irritants but, chemicals known to cause cancer as well as neurotoxins, hormone disruptors, liver and kidney problems, reproductive issues, Alzheimer’s and more

Go to and check on the toxicity levels of your products.

Grab your toothpaste, household cleaner, shampoo and other personal care products and go to the EWG database and prepare to be shocked.

Then decide to dramatically improve your health by going green (and getting paid)

Many think that going organic costs too much, is difficult and time consuming, but consider the cost of cancer or liver or kidney failure.

Do you know that the average person absorbs over 120 toxic chemicals into their bloodstream every day before 9:00 AM?  These chemicals are hiding in your shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothpaste, underarm deodorant…

  • Do you know that in a recent study 98% of all breast tumors biopsied contained parabens?  These come from you underarm deodorant and other products
  • Do you know that Alzheimer’s patients have a higher percentage of aluminum in their brain?  Where does that come from?

It Begins In The Womb

wake up call


In a recent study the blood from 10 babies was evaluated in the womb and 100’s of toxic chemicals were found.  Our children are being born sick

50% of all US children are sick or overweight.  When did we accept that as ok?

So the question is, “Are we overexposed?” WHat do you think?

You are the solution!

Hyper-health is within your reach.

Essante Organics  offer a rapidly growing line of over 100 toxic chemical free, organic and wild-crafted products including

  • Personal Care.
  • Skin Care.
  • Home Care.
  • Baby care.
  • Nutrition
  • Essential Oils.
  • Beauty Care.

You can easily, effectively and inexpensively make simple changes.

Just changing out your toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner can reduce your morning chemical intake by up to 75 toxic substances

Shouldn’t your house be the safest place on the planet for you and your family?

The summary is this

Essanté Organics’ global mission is to eliminate toxins from everyone’s life, one household at a time. Essanté Organics is committed to creating a positive impact on the planet and in people’s lives through much needed education and use of 100% certified ToxicFree®, organic and wild crafted daily-use products.

And don’t be misled by companies that use the word organic or natural.  These terms are meaningless, not regulated, and defined by the marketing department.  Whale poop, crushed dead bugs and beaver butt are both organic and natural.  One is in your food, one in your cosmetics and the other is in your perfume.  You eat one, wear one and smell the other.  I’ll leave you to figure out which one you are eating.


Essante Organics also offers the most lucrative compensation plan in the industry.  I can’t do an in depth discussion here but let me mention there are six paychecks including a 30% weekly payout on retails sales, a fast start team building bonus, the endless team bonus that pays to infinite levels on all team members and a 100% matching bonus for personally sponsored team members as well as an annual profit share in unlimited countries.

Essante Organics is profitable and in pre momentum.  The company made  over 50M$ on its 1st product which was conventionally marketed and is now just starting to grow the MLM marketing side with less than 1000 active distributors worldwide.

If you understand timing and trends you will recognize this as the best opportunity you have ever seen.

This is a once in a lifetime chance for you to live a healthy, wealthy life.

My team is rapidly growing and going to the top.  Get back with me, get your questions answered and grab my hand.  I’ll take you with me.

Get in now while you can still be ahead of, and profit from, the stampede!

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