Cancer and You – Can You Prevent Cancer?

prevent cancerCan you prevent cancer?  Can you cure cancer? One of the most dreaded diseases of our time is cancer.  It strikes fear into the hearts of men and women and rightfully so.  It is estimated that 50% of men and 33% of women will be handed a diagnosis of cancer during their life.  I suggest you get prepared so you (and your loved ones) know how you will respond and what you want to do.

Many believe cancer is a death sentence.  My wife died from cancer.  She developed breast cancer metastatic (it had spread to) bone and liver.  By the time we found it, we believed, and her doctors told us, it was already too late.

That was almost 15 years ago.  I believe something different today. I believe today her life could have been saved.  And I believe if you read and understand my story, you can save your life also.

You see I believe my wife, Mar Kae, died from the treatment and not from the disease itself.  I further suspect her cancer was aggravated by mammography.  I truly believe if I knew then what I know now, I could have saved her.  In the last couple years I have learned a lot about homeopathic medicine and the state of our medical system.

Before I go on I need to add that I am not a medical doctor and no statement has been evaluated by the FDC or any other alphabet soup agency.  I am trained as an engineer and physicist and am able to do independent research and reach unbiased conclusions. Unlike medical school students, I have the advantage that the information available to me on the internet is not contolled by any agency or pharmaceutical company with a vested interest in skewing the data in their favor .

Our Medical System

prevent cancerI have previously written about the challenge of healthy aging in america. See my blog post by that name. Many doctors get little or no training in homeopathic medicine and most cancer doctors know very little about cancer.  Your doctor has no idea how to prevent cancer or how to treat cancer holistically. I know this is hard to believe, but the medical profession has been hijacked by the big drug companies.  The drug companies fund research, sit on the board of directors at major teaching hospitals and universities and ensure that what is taught complies with what the drug companies want taught.  And unfortunately, the drug companies have no interest in curing you, They do not intend to prevent cancer.  they are interested in lifetime customers.  The more pills they push, and chemo they sell, the more profit they make.  Sadly, one of the most profitable areas of business for the drug companies is cancer: It is big business! (The global cancer therapeutics market should reach $172.6 billion by 2022 from $121 billion in 2017)

Now imagine I have a cure for cancer that is natural.  Problem is the drug companies cannot patent nature and therefore they would lose all that revenue.  Now remember, these are publically traded companies and they have a legal fiduciary responsibility to their shareholders to turn a profit.  Your health, longevity and well-being take a back seat to the primary mission – profit!  Big pharma does not want to prevent cancer.

In addition, did you know that your doctor gets a “kickback” from the drug companies for prescribing chemo therapy?  In any other industry, this would be illegal.  Furthermore, he or she is forbidden to prescribe any other form of therapy under the threat of losing his license, or even arrest and incarceration.

Right now there is evidence that more people die from the treatment than from the disease itself.  Chemo and radiation destroy the immune system and make it impossible for your body to fight opportunistic infection.   There is also evidence that surgery, in many cases, causes metastasis.

Let’s look at some facts shall we?

The Present accepted medical view of cancer

The present view of cancer is that generally it is a lump and that surgical removal of the “lump” will isolate and rid the body of cancer.  The problem is this viewpoint does not address the underlying cause of the disease.  So the “gold standard” treatment modality is surgical removal of the lump, followed by a combination of chemo and radiation to “kill” any escapees.  But why is the cancer there in the first place?

What Causes cancer

Many people believe that cancer is mostly hereditary.  They do not believe you can prevent cancer.  The good news is you can prevent cancer.  Just because your mom or dad had it does not mean you will too.  Look for the common environmental factors at work and begin to eliminate them to prevent cancer.  In fact less than 5% of all cancer is caused by genetics.  The causes of cancer are:

  • 18% of all cancer is caused by infection
  • 22% is related to obesity
  • 41% is due to environmental factors
  • Genetics <5%  (American Cancer Society web site)

less than 5% of all cancer is caused by genetics

Furthermore the biggest lie is when your doctor tells you, “We got it all”. That is not possible.

What is cancer

Cancer occurs when a normal cell in your body decides to “run away from home” and break all the rules.  Cancer cells divide and do not die.  These unruly cells begin to divide or replicate uncontrolled.  At any given time every day of the week there may be thousands or 100’s of thousands of cancer cells in your body (You are made of up 50 trillion cells so, a few 1000 rogue cells is a tiny percentage and usually your immune system gobbles them up.

Your Immune System & Cancer

Dr. Veronique Desaulniers D.C. who was diagnosed and treated her own Breast Cancer holistically states, “You must heal the entire body, heart, mind, spirit, stress, soul”.  Dr. Veronique is featured in the documentary series  “The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest”  You can catch her views on breat cancer in episode 2.

She further states you have to be sick to develop cancer, your immune system is compromised, you are toxic, stressed out you have a loss of control.  As one doctor said in the video, “The Truth About Cancer”,  “You get sick (immune system fails) and then you get cancer”. So there are two problems when your doctor tells you they got it all

First is the so called cancer stem cells that are the originating cause of the disease are not part of the lump and were left behind.  These cells cannot be killed in this way.  The underlying cancer stem cells are not destroyed.

Second, the cancer comes back because the underlying cause of the diseases was not addressed.

It always comes back because that lump was not the disease.

Breast Cancer

Woman are urged to get regular mammograms for screening and are told that early detection is vitally important.  But do the facts support that conclusion?  There are two major studies, one from Canada and one from Europe that conclude there is no long term benefit to woman.  These studies were conducted over a period longer than 20 years and both are reviewed in episode 2 of “The Truth About Cancer

Furthermore one doctor states emphatically, ”Early detection means early death” because as soon as the medical industry gets its hands on you, they rush you into surgery and start chemo and radiation whether it is warranted or not.

There are studies that indicate that as many as 1.3 million women have been mis-diagnosed over the past 30 years in the United States.  This means 1.3 million women were rushed to an otherwise unnecessary death due to chemo and radiation for a disease they didn’t even have. Scary!

According to one source, breast cancer takes 7 to 12 years to reach a size they can even diagnose it, so there is no rush.  It is a slow growing tumor and there are viable alternatives to surgery, chemo and radiation. There is a distinct possibility that putting as much pressure as is used in mammography on a breast with a small tumor can rupture the tumor and cause the disease to spread more rapidly that it would have otherwise.

Furthermore, mammography uses ionizing radiation, a known cause of cancer so why would you do that?

The Problem with Chemotherapy

If it is true that cancer involves a breakdown in your immune system, does it make sense to treat it with something that completely destroys what little of the immune system is left.  Chemo therapy leaves the patient unable to fight even the slightest opportunistic  infection and the result is many die from something else other than the original cancer.

In my mind the irony and the joke is “we cured the cancer, too bad the patient died”.  But, did they even really cure the cancer?  By all accounts that answer to that question is emphatically, “No!”

My Friends

Recently I had two friends who were diagnosed with cancer.  They didn’t believe me and they both chose the conventional treatment.  They are both dead today.  Now obviously I cannot prove they would still be alive today had they done something different, but I believe there is a good chance they could be.

Your Oncologist

Ask you oncologist if they would prescribe chemo for themselves, or their wife or children.  The ones who tell you the truth will tell you, “No” according to the documentary movie I mentioned earlier.  Why?  Because they know the consequences and they also know there are alternatives available that are far less intrusive and have a higher success rate than bombarding your body with chemo and radiation

Mary Kae, the Final Chapter

Mary Kae had fibrous breasts which means lumps were always present.  Following a routine mammogram with no other data to support it, her doctor decided to perform a “needle biopsy”  again, no indication of any cancer.  Then he decided to do a lumpectomy.  Now he reported a “few spots” and also a lymph node dissection was done.  The sentinel lymph node showed no sign of cancer, however another lymph node did show a small spot.  Now we were on a very slippery slope of mastectomy, chemo and radiation.

If I could go back today (and convince Mary Kae) I would have taken her to the Hoxsey Biomedical Center in Tijuana Mexico for evaluation. BEFORE any surgery.  The fact that the initial needle biopsy showed no sign of cancer and the sentinel lymph node showed no cancer says to me that she was “railroaded” quickly into a potentially unnecessary and life threatening set of procedures.  What about the spots on her liver and bone?  I don’t know.  Could the mammogram have burst an otherwise meaningless small tumor and caused the initial spreading?  Of course, we can never know.  I just would proceed with more caution, less haste and less reliance on the American doctors treatment protocol initially.

What Would I do?

The best diagnosticians in the world are here in the US. If I got diagnosed with cancer, I would believe they found something.  I would head to the aforementioned Hoxsey Biomedical Center in Tijuana  for another opinion and probably treatment.

Can you Prevent cancer

As mentioned above, Dr. Veronique Desaulniers D.C. was diagnosed and treated her own BC holistically.  She states you must heal the entire body, heart, mind, spirit, stress and soul.

You have to be sick to develop cancer, your immune system is compromised, you are toxic, stressed out you have a lot of control.

Dr. Desaulniers has developed a program that she calls “The Seven Essential Program”  The components are:

The seven essentials program

  1. Food is your medicine
  2. Detox
  3. Balance your energy (chiro, exercise, hormone balance
  4. Heal emotional wounds, stress management
  5. Biological dentistry (if you have old fillings get em out)
  6. Specific herbs supplements, vitamins
  7. True prevention

Diet in America

I am not going into detail here on this program but note the key role diet plays.  Our diet in America is essential horrible.  Sugar, processed food, chemicals, additives and crap (scientific term lol) have permeated our food supply The best diet to help prevent cancer appears to be the Mediterranean diet which you can learn a lot more about.  Any diet must emphasize little sugar, and organic fruits and vegetables as much as reasonable with little or no red meat.  Other popular diets, such as keto and paleo, appear to have short term gains but may have long term consequences.

The conclusion

You are on a collision course with cancer.  Learn what you can do to prevent cancer.  Educate yourself by starting with the video series, “The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest

  • Eat healthy, start on a diet that closely resembles the Mediterranean diet as much as possible.
  • Start a regular exercise program.
  • Meditate daily.
  • Take herbs and supplements to help offset the garbage food, air and water we have in our environment

Understand that you are not a victim, you have a great deal of control and a lot to say about the outcome.

 You Are The Solution

After watching “The Truth About Cancer” you will understand how environmental toxins play a role in determining whether or not you get this disease and also how to cure it.  You can do a lot to prevent cancer for you and your family.  You can easily and effectively and inexpensively begin to change out your household products for safer, less toxic alternatives.  For example,  just changing out your toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner can reduce your morning chemical intake by up to 75 toxic substances.  We all want our home to be as safe as possible.  Shouldn’t your home be the safest place on the planet for you and your family.

Toxins And Our Environment

Since 1970, over 80,000 new chemicals have been introduced and are soaking our environment, our children and you.  And yes! the FDA and EPA allow it.  These industries are, to a great extent, unregulated.   To learn more about toxins in your home and body and your children, check out The Toxic Truth. The magnitude of the problem will astound you.

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