World Peace – Possible in our lifetime?

Global Peace Week – #globalpeacegoingviral

world peaceToday (April 18, 2016)  is the first day of global peace week or world peace for April 2016.  Is it possible to achieve world peace on earth in our lifetime?  I think so.  The objective of global peace week is to begin to shift the collective consciousness of the planet away from war and conflict toward peace and serenity for all.

Can you close your eyes and envision world peace?  You might think that global peace is impossible.  You read the news and watch the television and all you see is mayhem and violence.  The reality is the news media is giving you a very distorted view of life on earth.

In a recent article, the point was made that the world is not falling apart but that in fact things are improving.  There will always be enough bad to fill the evening news but overall the trends are favorable

See for example the following article “The World Is Not Falling Apart

So in balance there is far more good on earth than bad.  But the media only feeds you the bad.  The reality is everyone wants the same thing.  They want a home for their family, food and water and most of all, no bombs falling on their head.  They want freedom to practice their religion as they see fit without fear of persecution.

Global peace is more than the absence of conflict.  It is the presence of justice.  There was a post this week about obesity and the claim was made that the scales have tipped and 50% of the planet is overweight.  But remember, only people with food have the possibility to get fat.  The fact is, in the industrialized world, the food supply and eating habits are not necessarily healthy.

People with no food still die of starvation.  Sadly 22,000 people per day starve on planet earth.  That’s one person every 4 seconds approximately, mostly children.  The planet is capable of feeding everyone.  The problem is distribution.

So global peace is more than the absence of conflict.  It is the presence of justice for all people on planet earth.  As we move away from conflict we must move toward the presence of basic needs for all.

Peace on earth is achievable but it must start with individuals.  Each of us has a role to play.  We must realize that we are each connected to the whole and that what we do to another, we do to ourselves.  Learning to live from a place of love and gratitude is within our grasp.

Let’s all work together toward peace in our lifetime.  Remember, everything you see started with a dream.  If we can dream war, we can also dream peace.  Let’s dream peace!

What Can You Do to help world peace?

A place to begin is the global peace website. Get involved and help spread the message.  Practice random acts of kindness.  See for example the Facebook event random acts of kindness.

Each and every person has a role to play.

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