Peace on Earth – Possible In Our Lifetime?

Peace on Earth – Possible In Our Lifetime?

peace on earthHave you considered the possibility of peace on earth?  Is it possible to achieve this seemingly impractical goal for the planet?  Given all the issues that populate the daily news, one could easily conclude that world peace is beyond comprehension within our lifetime.

But I, for one, do not agree.  I believe world peace is not only possible, but achievable.  It is often said that, working with the universal Law Of Attraction, anything that we can conceive AND BELIEVE, we can achieve.  Obviously we can conceive world peace, the question then is, “Can we believe it is possible”?

Welcome to Global Peace Week

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” ~Margaret Mead

Today March 18, 2016 is day 1 of Global Peace Week.  A group of people is just audacious enough to believe we can change the direction of planet earth.  If enough people heed the call, we can raise the collective consciousness of the planet and change the direction of humanity.  Wishful thinking?  Hardly!

There is good science to support the conclusion that Global Peace is within reach

It has been shown that mass meditations and similar group efforts can and do have a dramatic effect on society.  From an article in The Global Peace Initiative,  “It is not surprising that reducing stress on the individual level causes a corresponding reduction of stress on the societal level. Yet it is both surprising and fortunate that even a relatively small proportion of a population practicing Transcendental Meditation in a group produces a remarkably disproportionate reduction in societal stress and in associated crime and violence.”  The message is, we working collectively, can dramatically influence the outcome.

The plan is to repeat Global Peace Week and culminate in a Global Peace Month later in the year.  Let’s work together to make the world a safer place.

Introduce Social media.

With over 20% of the world’s population on Facebook alone, the possibility of using Social Media to collectively raise the consciousness of the planet to enhance and spread peace on earth becomes real and viable.  Never before in the history of humanity have we had these powerful tools available.  Let’s use them wisely.

Join us today at, support the effort, become an ambassador for peace.  Believe that collectively we can and will make planet earth safer for us and especially for our children and their children.  Spread the word and use #globalpeacegoingviral in all your correspondence including e mails, posts, blogs etc.  Know that we, working together, raise the awareness of all people and, bring world peace a little closer to reality.

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3 thoughts on “Peace on Earth – Possible In Our Lifetime?”

  1. You know what they say, “when an idea whose time is right people will listen.” I know that is not exactly the way the quote goes but you know what I mean. I do think we can make a difference and we shall persevere. More and more people are getting involved and I do think it will keep growing!

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