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The Road To Prosperity – Feeling Your Way To Freedom! – Paperback

Would you like to be free? Free from debt? Free from worry? Free from anxiety? Free from tossing and turning at night? Free to live your life on your terms, go where you want to go, with the people you want to go with and do the things you want to do? Well listen up! It is possible. 1700 people become a millionaire each and every day in the United States and you have that same opportunity. We live in a land of incredible opportunity, in a golden age of history. Never before has so much been so readily available to so many at such a low cost as today in these good ole United States and much of the rest of the free world. So turn off the tele, forget Dancing with the Stars, put down that beer and listen up. I am about to show you how it’s done.


The Baby Boomers Guide To Healthy Wealthy Aging

Baby Boomer health and Wealth

We Are The Baby Boomer… the movers, the shakers of planet earth!  There are 80 million of us and we have moved the bar and upped the ante for everything we have touched.  This generation, more than any other in history has shaped and redefined life on planet earth.  We invented the microwave went to the moon.  We demanded freedom and a lifestyle unheard of before us.  We invented the SUV and the RV and pushed medical technology along faster than ever before in history.

In 33 short years there could be over 1 million people over 100 years old in the United States alone.  Yes! You could be one of them.  The question becomes how are you going to take care of yourself during a potentially prolonged retirement?

The 21st Century Guide To Social Media Marketing

Do you know how to use social media efficiently to help you get leads? Do you know what some of the biggest mistakes are that I see people making on social media in general and Facebook in particular? One of the biggest mistakes I see marketers making is spamming links all over the place. Just posting links on walls and in groups rarely results in a positive action on the part of the viewer.

The biggest mistake people make on social media is not building relationships, is not getting to know people, is not letting people know you care about them.

Social media is meant to be social. It is meant to provide a forum for people to meet each other, get to know each other, learn to like and trust each other and eventually do business with each other.

Used properly, social media is a gold mine for the internet or network marketer.

Adventures in Single Parenting


Congratulations! You just became a single parent! Now what!  Well hurry up – don’t just sit there – go grocery shopping. After all you suddenly have more mouths to feed.  I strongly recommend a crock pot and a copy of the Campbell’s soup cookbook. In some sense that is how it all started for me; the sudden realization that I had to be a cook on more than a casual basis.

“Since children don’t come with their own HOW TO manual, this book is a must-have for anyone who finds themselves single- while-raising-kids.  Adventures in Single Parenting is an entertaining blend of personal experience, best practices and old fashioned common sense. The book and journal should be required reading for anyone who wants to wear their single parent hat with a smile.” Theresa Key, MS – Marketing Consultant


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