The Nature of Money – Which Way Does Your Cash Flow?

The Nature of Money – Which way does your cash flow?

cashflowWe’ve all heard, “Money doesn’t grow on trees”. Well, where does it grow? What is money really? It is said that money is energy. It is a medium of exchange, It makes it easier or more convenient to conduct commerce or trade.

Imagine having to carry around a wheelbarrow full of stuff to trade. Money is much more convenient. But money in and of itself has no value. I can prove that to you. Go get some money and stuff it in your mattress. Where is the value in that? You say it makes me feel better. IT does or you feel better because you have shifted your mindset because yu now the money os there if you need it. You now have an abundance mindset. So do we need money in our mattress to have an abundance mindset in the Good ole US of A?

The Value of Money

You see money only has value when it is in circulation. What if by magic I could turn $100 into $500 in a day. I can you know. How?

Imagine I pay someone $100 to perform a service. Now that person goes to a store and buys $100 worth of merchandise. The store owner pay $100 toward his rent. The landlord buys some material and pays $100 for it at the hardware store. The hardware store then orders more inventory and pays the $100 for it. The value of that $100 is already up to $500 because it has been used 5 times for different purposes. You see the energy is in the motion.

Rich people and poor people think differently about wealth. Wealthy people believe I create my life, I create the exact amount of my success. Poor people believe life happens to them. They are the eternal victims of circumstances beyond their control, they don’t see themselves as in charge
If you cannot take 100 % responsibility for your life, you will not win this game. We all fall into the trap sometimes of wanting to push blame outside ourselves. Who was holding the credit card every time it was used?

Remember the affirmations, “I create my life, I create the exact amount of my financial success” (from T.Harv Eker)

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The Game Of Money

Tony Robbins wrote a great book called “Money Master The Game”  It should be required reading fo all who seek to master the game of money.  I reviewed it in another blog post.

So what can you do to get ahead of the game. There is a great book called “The trick to money is having some” In the book Stuart Wilde points out, “Abundance will never be a factor of how much money one has. Rather it is always a factor about how one feels about what money one does have.” You see the aforementioned money in the mattress made us feel better.

So to have some money takes discipline. It is often said you should pay yourself first by saving a minimum of 10% of every penny you earn and accumulate it for investing. Many of us get into a financial bind by thinking we cannot possibly save even a few pennies. How can we save 10% when we need 110% just to pay the bills.

Some of us myself included) have been known to say, “I’ll learn to manage money when I have some to manage” I learned over the years that was the attitude that was keeping me broke. My mother told me I was a lousy money manager. I spent many years proving her right.
Let me tell you a story ok? All of my adult life I earned substantial money I also spent substantial money. In fact I spent substantially more than I earned and amassed credit card debt. Even when I owned a 5 Million dollar business in 2008, I was still outspending my income. Bigger boats, bigger planes etc.

Then the crash came in 2008/2009 and I was left considering dumpster diving for my next meal. See I could blame the economy but then I would be no better off today than I was then. I had a net worth of approximately 1 million dollars in 2008 so technically on paper I was a millionaire. Somebody asked me recently how that felt. Terrible! Why? Because I still wasn’t controlling the cash flow, rather it was controlling me.

The Secret

So what’s the secret? The secret is get control of the energy. Even if it is only pennies in the beginning begin to tuck away a little bit of everything you earn. And it’s not for a rainy day. It’s for an investment account. It’s a mindset thing.

Today I am spending substantial money to fix the front end of my van. In past times I would have echoed my mother’s sentiment, “Easy come easy go. I can’t get ahead because every time I have a few extra pennies a new bill appears. That attitude will keep you broke.

The new attitude is thank you God for the money I have to pay the bill because now I have a new front end on my van. The new attitude is every time a bill appears the money arrives right on time to pay it . and you now what? With that attitude shift, the money appears . Wooho, not so bad.
My good friend Lisa Kitter says,” Infinite Intelligence is never too late, God knows the way to my good and is always, right on time.” And if you adopt that belief, by the Law of Attraction, it must become your reality.

What Holds You Back

So what holds you back? The number one reason people don’t get what they want is they don’t know what they want, with certainty, they are wishy-washy and unsure and send confusing mixed messages to the universe. Frequently early childhood programming leaves negative money thoughts that impact our ability to pursue our dreams. These negative money files can be overwritten with auto suggestion. The attainment of wealth must be preceded with absolute belief that it is possible and a clear understanding of what wealth is. And friends, wealth is not money, it is abundance in all of it’s myriad forms.

So what’s holding you back?

cash flow

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