Living Your Passion – The Lost Dream!

Living Your Passion

You Had A Dream

Living Your PassionI know you. You had a dream. There was something deep inside tugging at your heart strings trying to get out and express itself. Is it stuck so deep inside that you have almost lost the passion? I can help you find it again.  Lets look at living your passion and how to get there from here.

You remember 20, 30 or 40 years ago when you were 25 and full of piss and vinegar and ready to take on the world. Nobody told you the truth. They didn’t explain how the system was stacked against you. “Go to school”, They said. “Get a good job”, They advised. Retire in 40 years with a gold watch and a pension. Ha!

What a crock that was! Now you know, and it feels hopeless, it seems almost too late. The mountain of debt, the credit card bills, the ex-wife payment, kid payment, house payment and car payment are overwhelming, too much to think about so you just keep on keeping on like the trooper you are.

We Baby Boomers are a hard working generation. We thought we were living our passion but instead many of us spent 60, 70, 80, or 100 hours a week (sometimes more) in the “cubicle”. We took our work home. We made what superficially appeared to be big financial gains. We bought the American Dream lock, stock and barrel.

We got the big house and the fancy car and the country club membership but, we paid a huge price. We lost our marriage, our kids and our health. We made all that money and then gave it to the divorce lawyers, the ex-spouse and the doctors.

We walked through the front door and the family looked at us in amazement. “What are you doing here?” They asked. They forgot who we were and so did we. We lost our identity!

If you are a woman, maybe you are on the other side of that madness. You gave up your life for your husband and your kids only to find that the relationship drifted into chaos and confusion and ultimately, into the arms of another woman. You are mad, hurt, angry, bitter, confused, the “best” years of your life gone.

Now you are reeling in debt, struggling to stay afloat, wondering if you can ever retire, and scared!

Scared of dying, scared of living, scared of failing, scared of succeeding, wondering how you will feed yourself in the years ahead and worried about the potentially mounting medical bills.

Finding You Dream Again

Can you turn the volume down just long enough to remember that dream? It’s still in there, locked away underneath the piles of bills and doctor reports, the divorce papers and the alimony payments. Do you think there is no way out? Do you think you are trapped? Think again!

Let’s start at the beginning. First, living your passion starts with a vision, your vision and if you’ve lost yours let me help you look for it. What does your life look like say 5 years from now? Where will you live? Who will you love? What will you be doing? Can you paint a different future for yourself? Can you believe in a future that is radically different from the present, a better future, a more fulfilled future?

Can you see yourself bouncing out of bed every morning with enthusiasm because you are doing what you love to do? You are present, whole, nourished, complete, happy, fulfilled, in love with your life, grateful for all you have.

If you can “see” it, you can achieve it! But first, you have to believe it

Where Do I Begin?

You already began! It begins with a dream, a vision, an idea. In these days and times of internet, computers and WiFi you can work from anywhere in the world and build a business doing anything you love to do. Whether what you love to do involves a physical product, or an idea, or information or just to help people. There are literally thousands of people working on line and doing what they are passionate about. Don’t understand how this all works? Well neither did I a few short years ago. Stay with me and I will explain.

The Three Steps To Success

B.E.S.! That’s all there is! B.E.S.! Alright what the heck does that mean? Let’s explain and take it one step at a time

B is for Build an Audience. You have a product or service that you want to sell. You need an audience for that product or service. So you have to build an audience. These days, that is where social media comes in.

You can use any or all of the social media outlets, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc. to help build an audience for your widget. I know, you don’t know how to do that right now but we are going to dig a little deeper into these elements in a few minutes .

Before going there however, we are going to talk about building a blog. For many (if not most) people making money online, a blog is an essential part of the equation. Simply put you gotta write about your widget. You have to tell people about it and tell them what the benefits are and why they should consider your widget as opposed to other widgets that may be out there.

There is however a more important consideration. You blog lets you establish your credibility as an expert and helps build the “know, like and trust” factor that is so essential in business these days. More about this later.

E is for Engage Your Audience. As you build an audience it is important to “talk” to your audience. That means e mails, posts, messages, perhaps blog posts etc. The important consideration is, once again, to build the “know, like, trust” factor and your credibility as a designer or marketer of your widget

S is for Sell Your Audience. If the first two steps, build an audience and engage your audience have been done correctly, then the final step, selling to your audience becomes a slam dunk. The audience has been educated by your content and understands the value you provide. Furthermore, they have developed that all important “know, like and trust” factor that I keep mentioning so when you suggest a congruent offer to them, they will purchase

Now notice the word congruent. You can’t be writing about great mousetraps and then sell a birdcage. I hope that makes sense.

So in a nutshell, that’s all there is to it. Of course the devil is in the details so let’s take it apart a little more and take a deeper dive into some of these concepts.

The Road To Riches


It all starts with a vision of what you want your life to look like. It is often been said that pain pushes you until your vision pulls you. Your vision will propel you forward through the tough times, the challenges and the potholes. (yes there will be tough times, challenges and potholes).

If you need some assistance in developing your vision, I have a thingy called “The Ultimate Vision Workshop”. Everyone who has experienced “The Ultimate Vision Workshop” has loved it. It is guaranteed to help you develop your vision. It will also help you identify your core values and elucidate your life purpose. The biggest benefit of this workshop is building belief.


The next and crucial step is building belief. As Henry Ford is famous for saying, “Whether you believe you can or you believe you can’t, you are right” If you do not have a rock solid, iron clad belief in your self and your capability to pull this off, it won’t work for you.

The Ultimate Vision Workshop discussed devotes a fair amount of time to helping you build belief in yourself so that you can see, feet, taste, and touch success in your future.


Napoleon Hill, in his great book, “Think and Grow Rich” talks a lot about burning desire. Without passion, or burning desire your ideas and dreams will fizzle and fail. Remember we started this discussion talking about what you are passionate about and would jump out of bed every day and do even if you were not getting paid. Without passion, it’s just another rerun.  Remember the title of this blog post is “Living Your Passion”.


Of course ultimately we have to develop THE idea. What exactly is the product or service we are going to offer for sale. Now there are many different approaches and we can explore some of them. You might say, “You don’t know what to offer”, or maybe “”you think you don’t have anything to sell”. Well this is where affiliate marketing comes in.

In affiliate marketing, you sell someone else’s products or services and you get a commission on every sale, much like a real estate agent selling a home. The agent didn’t build the home and he doesn’t own the home but as he sells the home he gets a commission. There are countless affiliate products. Even Amazon has an affiliate programs. So many people make money selling things like Amazon and E Bay products.

Maybe you are a painter or a writer. Maybe you can build a better mousetrap. Maybe you want to help people live longer, healthier lives. Maybe you like to teach yoga or body build. The possibilities are endless, the ideas numerous, only thing missing is you and your creative juices to define the path.

There is also network marketing or multilevel marketing. I will discuss this in detail later but this can be a very attractive way to get into business quickly and generally with little up front expense. Basically network marketing provides a done for you, “business in a box” complete with your own website, marketing materials, shipping, inventory control and management. For many, this is a great way to get started and with 1000’s of network marketing companies to choose from, you can find one that specializes in pretty much anything that interests you. Just be careful to choose a good, reputable company. I can help you with what to look for in a network marketing company.

Define Your Target Market

As easy as this may seem superficially, it is the one area that many people get wrong and their business fails because they have not defined their target market adequately. It is crucial to really narrow down your target market and define exactly who you are selling to.

Many marketers have the opinion that their product is good for everyone and so they want to advertise and sell to a broad market. Problem is, it is often said that selling to everyone is selling to no one. While a 30 year old housewife and a 60 year old grandmother might both be able to use your product, the message that gets their attention will be different. So the idea is to hone the message so you are speaking to a very specific person and identifying their wants and needs in a language they can understand and relate to

Build Your Brand

Now we get to the fun part, building your brand. Depending in your product or service, there are some variations on this theme but the essential element is to build credibility and trust in the marketplace. You want to be seen as an valuable resource in your field and also as we have mentioned several times previously, someone who your customers can know like and trust.

One possible strategy is network marketing. A word of caution. Many network marketing companies want you to brand the company and not yourself. This is a huge mistake. You want to build “you Inc” and not “them inc.” There are many reasons too numerous to mention here. Suffice it to say that it is important that you brand yourself and not just the company you represent.

Embrace Attraction Marketing

How about becoming a master at the art of attracting clients to you? The idea of attraction marketing is to draw or attract potential clients to you rather than you chasing them around the coffee shop or the mall. Here is how it works. You identify and target people who are already looking for what you are offering by publishing valuable content that you give away in exchange for their contact information and permission to contact them with additional information.

How do you do this? Simple! You use social media to identify and meet potential clients.

In fact how about helping people get more of what they want which is the same as you. That is the heart and soul of attraction marketing. What if you had valuable offers that you could give away? Offers like free training about the topic you are interested in. How about free training on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and more? Wow! ! No chasing family and friends! What a concept! Developing mastery in Attraction Marketing is crucial to your success and building your business.

Study and Implement

Now it’s time to take the new ideas out for a test drive. This is where the rubber meets the road. You have selected a marketing strategy, studied it and are ready to launch you new venture. What many don’t tell you is that marketing is an inexact science. You gotta test and tweak.

The secret sauce is to try something. If it doesn’t work try something else. The market evolves continuously and you are the observer. You run an ad, you observe the result, you tweak the ad, you split test (what the heck is split test?) Never mind, we can talk later about that.

The point is you never quit learning and never quit implementing. The marketplace is the ultimate judge and jury of your efforts.

Develop Social Media

The internet has been called the information highway. True enough but it is much more than that. It is a gathering place, a party, a disco, a bar, a dance floor, a church, an adventure, a library, an analysist, a gym. But, and here is the big but: Social Media is not a used car lot! People do NOT come online to be sold something. They come to be entertained, to socialize, to meet new friends, to party. They come to communicate, to brag, to meet and greet and occasionally to be educated, but not to be sold.

So the real effective and best use of social media is to meet and greet people. Become “friends” on Facebook. Build your credibility, but take people “offline” for the final sales process.

For more detail on the proper use of social media I invite you to go check out the webinar series “Diggin For Gold

Do You Need A Blog?

Do I need a blog? Does your house need a roof? Well only if you want to stay dry in a storm. No you don’t need a blog either, but ultimately you probably want one. Here is the deal. If you want to build big and have a long term sustainable, replicable business then my answer is “yes” you need a blog. Your blog is your real estate on the internet. You don’t own Facebook or You Tube or Twitter and they can come and shut you down or disable your account anytime they please.

You own your blog. The blog serves as your hub and helps build your credibility and authority. But you do not need one right away. You can start today on social media and start meeting people and chatting them up and making a few new friends and talk with them about solutions to their problems. Notice, I did not say chat with them about your opportunity. That is a subtle mindset shift that if you take seriously, I think you will find more success.

If you need help building a blog, the best, most comprehensive resource on the planet is Ray Higdon’s 3 Minute Expert Blog Course, which you can check out right here, right now!.

Engage Your List

Well finally you have a list. Even if your list has only one name on it, cherish it. Your list is pure gold. It is your ticket to freedom. Treat it with respect. Send valuable information regularly. Build rapport, credibility and reliability. People want to know they can count on you to be there when they need you so be there.

There is an excellent e mail list building and management strategy course called “Twist You List” available to you.

The point is to build your list and treat it with respect. Don’t spam it daily with offers. Keep the ratio of valuable content to offers to 80% or more value and if you do that and build the know like and trust factor, people will buy when you do suggest the occasional sale

And Finally ABS

What the heck is ABS? Simple! Always Be Selling. Now if it seems I am contradicting myself, I am not. You develop the rapport as discussed above so that the occasional sales offer slips through almost under the radar. The challenge many people have is they “forget” to ask for the occasional sale. So do ask for the sale, but do it in such a way that your customers feel privileged to do business with you and not pressured to buy.

Remember people love to buy, they just hate to be sold! And these days they are more distrustful than ever and on the lookout for snake oil salesman, so don’t be one. They will smell you a mile away, run for the hills and all you’ll hear is crickets at the end of the day!

Your Physical State

You cannot achieve massive success with a compromised physical state.

Have you ever noticed there are no fat successful people (or very few). Most people who are really successful are lean, trim, in good condition, they eat good food, get exercise, take care of themselves, drink little or none. They are aware of their physical state.
So in summary to have a massive breakthrough we need these three steps to success:
1. The right strategy
2. A compelling story
3. A good physical state


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