Life Lessons I learned From Water Skiing

Life Lessons I Learned From Water Skiing

Blocks & Resistance

life lessons learned from water skiingI learned life lessons from waterskiing about goals, blocks and overcoming resistance. What is stopping you from achieving your goals and overcoming resistance to success and financial abundance? I know for me sometimes the block is very subtle, almost undetectable.

I just returned from a weekend waterskiing.  Without delving into the intricacies of slalom water skiing, let’s just say that for some time now I have been having progressively more difficulty on deep water starts, something I have been doing for many years.  You would think it would get easier, not more difficult.

I have had people suggest maybe I was too old (lot’s of people give up waterskiing at a much younger age than me) or I have blamed it on my arthritic right hip or any number of things.  I was very, very close to hanging up my ski but then something shifted.  I persisted and I found the culprit.

Without explaining too deeply, what I detected finally was, just as I called “hit it”  I was subconsciously setting some tension on my forward leg anticipating the water pressure.  This is a very subtle movement with a dramatic outcome.  It causes the ski to “push” the water away and creates a force that derails the start and flips you head first over the top of the ski, not pretty.

Why do I tell you this?  Because, we do the same thing with our success and our money in life.  We do very subtle, totally unconscious things that push the success away from us and flip us over the top unceremoniously landing us flat on our face once again wondering what happened.


I was running an auto-program that was installed many years ago in my teens and twenties.  Basically I was doing it all wrong but I got away with it when I was younger, stronger and lighter.  But now at an older age with less upper body strength, I need some finesse.  I had to learn to “do it right”.

And so it is with life.  Sometimes the thing holding us back from truly reaching our potential is indeed very subtle, always sub-conscious, and difficult to detect.   In our youth we sometimes bulldoze our way past obstacles and push into temporary victory only to find it slipping away.  Now as we age, we have to approach life with a little more finesse and capitalize on the life lessons learned along the way

Resistance Vs Triumph

It is said that our moments of greatest triumph come right after our moments of greatest resistance.  It is true.  For some reason our brain fights us and wants us to just give up.  But, we must not give in to that temptation for it is then we lose the opportunity to find the block, defeat it and rise to our greatness.

Basically in waterskiing, during a deep water start we must relax and let the water come to us.  If we set tension and push it away, it creates a self-defeating force. And so it is in life, we must relax and let it come to us.  We have to search deeply for the subtle, subconscious blocks that are causing us to push our success away rather than attracting it to us.  And always remember, when we are feeling our moment of greatest resistance, we are about to have our greatest success.  But we must persist past the challenge and the monkey chatter telling us to “give up, it’s not worth it”!  Yes it is worth it! Never give up!

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