Len Mooney
I’m Len

I Help Baby Boomers With Healthy, Wealthy Aging

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Who am I?

I like to travel the world and live a life free of worries about time and money. 

This lifestyle requires freedom.  Freedom from time and money constraints and that’s what we can achieve working together.  I can help you build a life devoid of worries about finances and time.

Whatever your passion is, I can help you structure a life and business around it.  Above all else, the one thing I know for sure is,  if we don’t talk, I can’t help, so get in touch with me and let’s plan for your success together.

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find your passion

Find Your Passion

I know you.  You had a dream.  There was something deep inside tugging at your heart strings trying to get out and express itself.  Is it stuck so deep inside that you have almost lost the passion?  I can help you find it again.

Law Of Attraction

Attract Prosperity

My objective is to provide a wealth of information to help us all with the process of living life to the fullest, with health, vitality and wealth so that we slide into home plate yelling “woo hoo” I made it. I am planning my 100th birthday party at Kirkwood Meadows Ski Resort and you are all invited.  We are going skiing.